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    American Lithium Minerals: mining natural resources in and around Nevada

    American Lithium Minerals is a Nevada based company that focuses on the exploration and mining of minerals including lithium and graphite.

    American Lithium Minerals, Inc. (OTC: AMLM) is a lithium company situated in Nevada that boasts five lithium exploration properties, one graphite property, and one rare earth element (REE) project, spread across 6,000 acres of mining claims.

    It has been estimated that the global demand for lithium will exceed two million metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) by 2030, more than doubling the demand forecast for 2025. One prominent reason for this anticipated increase is the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), the batteries of which rely on lithium.

    As a result of recent disruptions to the lithium supply chain, it has become crucial to expand lithium production in the US. American Lithium Minerals’ projects are located in Clayton Valley, Nevada, and its surrounding area, which is currently the only US lithium mine currently in operation.

    Lithium brine projects

    The Stonewall Flat Lithium brine project is situated in Lida Valley, Nevada. The Company’s joint venture partner for Stonewall Flat is Altair International (OTC: ATAO). This joint venture also comprises AMLM’s Kingman Rare Earth property in Mohave County, Arizona.

    Another of the Company’s lithium brine projects is the Sarcobatus Playa Lithium project, which is based near Beatty, Nevada. On top of this, American Lithium Minerals is invested in the Silverpeak Lithium/Uranium Project, which comprises two brine claim blocks with high lithium potential. One of these areas was investigated by the United States Department of Energy and lithium was discovered. Silverpeak also comprises a hard rock uranium occurrence. The company’s joint venture partner for Silverpeak is GNCC Capital (OTC: GNCP).

    Claystone lithium projects

    Situated fewer than five kilometres West of Tonopah, Nevada, is West End Lithium/Uranium. The area neighbours another company’s significant lithium encounter. AMLM’s joint venture partner for this project is China Donsheng International (OTC: CDSG).

    As well as this, the company boasts involvement in Claystone Hills Lithium, which is located 30 kilometres West of Tonopah and is also adjoining to an area that has yielded promising lithium drill results by another organisation.

    Graphite in Nevada

    American Lithium Mineral’s most recent endeavour is the Buckley Flat Graphite. This recently acquired property comprises one of Nevada’s two established graphite occurrences. Buckley Flat Graphite is situated close to Hawthorne, Nevada. The Company’s interest in this project is due to graphite being is an essential component of both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.

    Battery manufacturing

    Roshan Energy, an Indian based lithium and sodium battery technology company, has developed and commercialised novel lithium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery and battery recycling technology. AMLM has entered discussions with Rosham Energy for the construction of a pilot plant(s) for manufacturing batteries.

    As well as this, the Company has recently acquired 55 acres of industrial-zoned land in Imlay, Pershing County, Nevada. AMLM hopes to realise this property as an industrial park for assembly of lithium and sodium batteries, as well as battery recycling.


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