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    Blue Sky Uranium: Advancing uranium and vanadium projects in Argentina

    Blue Sky Uranium Corp is answering the surging demand for uranium by expanding its large Amarillo Grande project in Argentina.

    The uranium market was put on notice when Putin attacked Ukraine nearly a year ago. Then, by weaponising Russian oil and gas to hurt allies of Ukraine, Putin made it clear that Western countries can no longer rely on Russian uranium and enriched uranium – also known as nuclear fuel – to generate electricity.                                                             

    This development has left Western countries – and the entire green energy and decarbonisation drive – scrambling for new sources of uranium to power the increasing number of nuclear reactors globally. Currently, there are 426, with 57 in construction.

    Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan produce 50%-55% of the world’s uranium, while Russia generates 45% of the world’s nuclear fuel. Western-world utilities and governments that operate nuclear plants for electricity are trying to increase uranium production. The issue is that it takes many years to get a qualified uranium project into production.

    Emerging developers of low-cost uranium

    One of the few prospects is in nuclear-savvy Argentina, in the uranium-savvy Rio Negro province, at the district-scale Amarillo Grande project controlled 100% by Blue Sky Uranium Corp. (BSK.V; BKUCF.OTC; MAL2.F). This project is big- a trend 145km long by 5 km wide, 1.5 times the size of Delaware.

    At the far south end of the trend, BSK has an initial resource estimate and  Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on the Ivana deposit. This study was performed by independent engineers and reported in company news dated February 27, 2019. Ivana has a starting inferred resource of 22.7 mm pounds of uranium with 11.5 mm pounds of vanadium.

    The PEA demonstrates that the deposit is anticipated to be well within the lowest 25% of production costs globally. All-in-sustaining costs (AISC) are estimated to be below $20/lb.

    Amarillo Grande is flat-lying, semi-arid, and accessible all year round with nearby rail, power, and port access.

    The Ivana deposit lies at the surface, and the gravel, sand, and lower-down sandstone are amenable to shovelling, hauling, wet scrubbing, and screening to remove impurities using sodium bicarbonate. This dries into yellowcake, known as uranium oxide (U3O8), the standardised commercial product marketable globally.

    Uranium resource expansion

    Since 2018, BSK’s geological field crews have performed geochemical and geophysical surveys throughout the Amarillo Grande project area. At least four new uraniferous zones need to be drilled.

    Between 2021 and 2022, the company completed over 5,000 metres of in-fill and expansion drilling at Ivana, plus the first holes at Ivana Central and Ivana North, both large prospects (approx. 4×7 km each). Another 3,000 meters of drilling is scheduled to be completed early this year.

    Referring to company news dated 28 September 2021 and 2 February 2022, it is clear that both an expansion of resources to the west of the Ivana deposit is anticipated and that a good portion of the inferred resources can get upgraded to indicated resources.

    For now, it is too early to state potentials at Ivana Central, Ivana North, and the following two uraniferous zones to be drilled – Ivana East and Cateo Cuarto.

    Upcoming resource estimate

    When the uranium is at or near-surface, the 3,000 meters of drilling planned for early this year goes a long way when each hole is just ten to 40 metres deep.

    The next and second resource estimate is targeted for the second quarter this year. Ongoing drilling will accompany the engineering studies to report the results of the pre-feasibility study targeted to be written in early 2024.

    With the floor starting at 22.7 mm lbs, grading a highly economical 311 parts per million, the opportunity here is huge.

    The Grosso Group: pioneering mineral exploration

    Blue Sky Uranium has a strategic advantage as a member of the Grosso Group, a management team that pioneered the mineral exploration industry in Argentina and is credited with five exceptional mineral deposit discoveries already, all five in Argentina.

    Blue Sky management is proud to have built strong relationships with local, provincial, and federal officials and solid community and cultural ties over the decades.

    Green energy specialists and speculative investors will find much to like about Blue Sky Uranium. The basement floor has been well established with today’s market value of $20 million (ten cents/share with 200 mm shares outstanding).

    To learn more, including critical maps and studies, and to follow this company, register for breaking news at www.blueskyuranium.com.

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