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    Research advances in medicine and biotechnology

    The Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (CABMM) implements and supports applications in biotechnology and advances molecular medicine.

    The Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (CABMM) is an official competence centre of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, which is dedicated to fostering advances in clinically oriented, translational research in the fields of regenerative medicine, experimental medicine and surgery, applied biotechnology, and molecular medicine.

    The centre demonstrates a unique structure, in that it combines (i) a network of existing research groups interested in exchanging scientific information and creating collaborations; and (ii) an interdisciplinary working platform on which basic scientists and clinicians from human as well as veterinary medicine are able to work together shoulder to shoulder for the purpose of developing novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of dysfunctional and diseased tissues.

    A focus on translational and interdisciplinary fields

    Another special feature is the fact that we do not focus on one particular medical field, but rather on translational and interdisciplinary aspects. Furthermore, the CABMM offers expertise in regulatory affairs: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) were established by two leading members of the CABMM at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the Musculoskeletal Research Unit, respectively.

    The CABMM mission

    The vision of CABMM is to implement and support applications in biotechnology and molecular medicine by conducting research and development focusing on current issues in clinically relevant question and problems. To do this, we integrate existing research groups within this network and provide a working platform for collaborative research.  In addition, the CABMM takes responsibility in training and mentoring junior scientists and newly founded groups.

    The CABMM aims to (1) establish relevant research activities at the University of Zurich and to (2) strengthen already existing bonds, especially between the Vetsuisse Faculty and the Medical Faculty for Clinical Research, and also with other associated members. Uniting clinically oriented research activities not only creates a solid basis for core competencies, but also optimises the use of available infrastructure.

    CABMM’s core competences include:

    • Animal surgery;
    • Tissue engineering;
    • Regenerative medicine;
    • Molecular medicine;
    • Regulation of inflammation;
    • Bone and cartilage research including bone histology; and
    • Cardiovascular research.
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