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    Developing high-quality battery minerals to connect with the electric vehicle industry

    QX Resources has multiple projects across Australia to provide the electric vehicle (EV) industry with high-quality battery minerals.

    QX Resources (ASX:QXR) is focused on the exploration and development of battery minerals, with hard rock lithium assets in a prime location in Western Australia (WA), and gold assets in Queensland.

    The company’s aim is to connect end users, including battery, cathode, and EV makers, with QXR, an experienced explorer and developer of high-quality battery minerals, with an expanding portfolio and solid financial support.

    The growth in EVs and renewable energy storage will drive more end users to strategic alliances with successful explorers and developers, to gain early access to critical materials.Developing high-quality battery minerals to connect with the EV industry

    The future of renewable battery minerals

    The demand for green and renewable energy has increased rapidly over the last few years. As part of government’s net-zero commitments worldwide, EV production has grown.

    With this increase, comes the demand for battery minerals that power EVs and progressively into Energy Storage Solutions (ESS). QX Resources’ projects will enable a steady supply of minerals for high-quality EV batteries, while also establishing working relationships between suppliers and end users.

    QX’s current projects

    QX is currently undertaking a number of projects across Australia. They include:

    • Pilbara Lithium Project: QX has a highly prospective portfolio of lithium projects within the Pilbara region of WA, covering a combined area of 355km2. Despite their location, the area is largely unexplored for lithium;
    • Gold portfolio: Developing two Central Queensland gold projects around past mines and new discoveries within the Drummond Basin, a region that has >6.5moz gold endowment; and
    • The Turner River project: 15km south of the Wodgina Project, held by Mineral Resources, is one of the largest hard rock lithium deposits globally. Exciting surface results from pegmatites are in the process of being drill tested in late 2022/early 2023.

    QX Resources are working towards identifying and evaluating new mineral resource opportunities across Australia and overseas, in order to expand the production of battery minerals.


    • Lithium exploration and development in prime unused locations;
    • Connecting battery makers with battery materials providers; and
    • Investing in electric vehicles to create shareholder value.

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