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    Element 1 Corp: Pioneering clean energy with fully automated hydrogen generators

    Element 1 Corp is leading the global effort for clean energy with its range of fully automated hydrogen generators.

    As the global leader in compact and affordable on-site, on-demand, and fully automated hydrogen generators, Element 1 Corp licenses its patented methanol-to-hydrogen products for stationary as well as mobility applications.

    Three product lines, (S-Series, L-Series, and M-Series) all produce high-purity product hydrogen that meets ISO 14687 specifications for use in fuel cells, as well as hydrogen combustion engines. The smallest in the product line-up, the S-Series, covers a hydrogen output range of 0.2 to 0.7 kg/hour, whereas the larger L- and M-Series machines currently deliver up to 235kg of hydrogen per day (increasing to 325kg/day in early 2023).

    Unlike water electrolysers, the Element 1 hydrogen generators operate using a highly efficient thermochemical process and achieve energy efficiency of up to 84%. Required electrical power is about 1 kW at maximum hydrogen output, or about 0.1 kWhrs/kg of hydrogen delivered to the user. This is 500-times less electrical power compared to typical water electrolysers.

    Even the highest-output Element 1 hydrogen generators are physically small enough to be installed on heavy-duty fuel-cell trucks in less space than would normally be occupied by cylinders of high-pressure hydrogen.

    Ideal applications for the S/L/M-Series machines include onboard heavy-duty vehicles and vessels, and distributed stationary or transportable electric power (when paired with a fuel cell or hydrogen-combustion engine genset) enabling grid-independent power or grid backup for critical infrastructure.

    All three product lines have very clean emissions with no sulphur oxides (SOx), no nitrogen oxides (NOx), and no particulate matter (PM). Furthermore, if renewable methanol is used as the feedstock, the carbon intensity will be very low, even negative (with most types of biogenic renewable methanol) achieving both environmental benefits as well as contributing to energy security.

    Protected by more than 50 issued and pending patents globally, Element 1 is continually advancing and refining its intellectual property to share with our licensing and joint-venture partners, ensuring a competitive edge for years to come.


    • Product development: Element 1 is able to extend its proprietary hydrogen generation technology to new applications and industries, streamlining the development process and accelerating the time to market.
    • Licensing and technology transfer: A technology license from Element 1 can be tailored to a strategic partner’s needs. Efficient technology transfer and training accelerate the time to market.
    • Rapid prototyping: Element 1 has the engineering and product development talent in-house resulting in reduced development time and money saved.
    • System design and integration: Element 1’s engineering team has extensive experience with integrating its hydrogen generators with many different manufacturers’ PEM fuel cell systems. Our team can assist with component selection, P&ID, system layout, control strategies, failure modes, and mitigation strategies. Element 1 is also experienced with most air-cooled and liquid-cooled PEM fuel cell stack providers.

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