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    Flatsetsund Engineering: Aquaculture solutions that focus on fish welfare and sustainability

    Flatsetsund Engineering provides a range of products to the aquaculture industry, such as an advanced system for counting fish and calculating biomass, and an effective delousing system, both of which focus on fish welfare.

    Flatsetsund Engineering (FLS) is an international supplier with a history dating back to 1914 and has been developing a line of products for the aquaculture industry since the early 1990s.

    Our main range of products are:

    • FLS Delousing system for removal of sea lice in salmon fish farming
    • FLS Weight- and counting system for counting and calculating biomass when moving fish typically on a well boat
    • Aerators for CO2 aeration and oxygen saturation typically in fish hatcheries, well boats and land-based aquaculture
    • Fodder cranes for moving fish fodder from boat to feeding barge and a sea-based fish farms
    • Ejectors in different sizes for moving fluids, pumping live fish etc.

    Throughout the company’s history, our primary focus has always been on maintaining fish welfare and having overall sustainable solutions for the industry. We understand that a high level of handling and care must be attained to sustain quality fish welfare, and this has always been our focus when developing products.

    Our two most important products now are the FLS Delousing system and the FLS Weight and counting system.

    The FLS Delousing system is one of the market leading solutions for salmon lice removal, offering effective delousing with high fish welfare. It is an all-natural flushing method for removing sea lice from salmon and trout in fish farms.

    Our delousing system has gone through extensive field-testing with astonishing results: We can document high delousing efficiency and gentle treatment of the fish, meaning very low mortality rates, low chance of injuries and good eating abilities just after treatment. The system is chemical free and only uses seawater at natural temperatures. The system can be installed on a barge, service vessel or a well boat, and has a modular capacity.

    The FLS Weight and counting system is a highly advanced full water fish counter and biomass calculator, typically used when moving fish on a well boat, but can be used in other settings. The counters are delivered in different dimensions to fit into the pipelines of the well boat.

    This 3rd generation fish counter combines photo images and laser beams to get the highest accuracies for both counting the number of and calculating the biomass of fish. Our weighing and counting system is also highly considerate to fish welfare, with the fish passing through a straight pipe in water. We have our own engineering team to customise the solutions to customer needs and preferences.


    • Equipment for the aquaculture industry, well boats, service vessels
    • Moving water
    • Ejectors
    • Fish counting and weight systems (full water)
    • Delousing
    • Oxygen saturation and CO2 aeration
    • Fodder cranes


    • Fish welfare
    • Sustainability
    • Water technologies
    • Video technology
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