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    Fuelling future energy storage technologies with crystalline vein graphite

    Pioneers of the mining industry, RS Mines, possess one of the most lucrative materials pivotal to achieving our future energy storage needs.

    RS Mines was incorporated in 2007 by father and son Ranjith and Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon in Sri Lanka. The ambition was to explore, secure and scale-up potential mining properties with substantial deposits of crystalline vein graphite – one of the world’s most precious resources employed in a range of energy storage technologies.

    After initial exploration across the country, RS Mines secured and purchased the mining property known as The Queen’s Mine, previously operated by the British, which became abandoned once Sri Lanka gained its Independence in 1948.

    A helicopter VTEM scan and numerous land scans of The Queen’s Mine illustrated a significant deposit of Crystalline Vein Graphite. RS Mines recently completed its first round of drilling, which identified and indicated over 106,047 Tonnes of Crystalline Vein Graphite to an average depth of 120 meters, with the drilling round only covering half of the VTEM anomaly area.

    RS Mines is now in the process of completing its final round of surface drilling and subsequently designing its mining plan and scale-up, securing numerous clients across the globe. We are now actively researching and developing a green method for Graphene production utilising the Queen’s Mine Crystalline Vein Graphite as the initial starting material. Simultaneously, our research focuses on creating high-performing battery anode materials to target the rapidly expanding EV energy storage sector.

    In conjunction with RSM’s Scientific Directors at Sheffield University, The Faraday Institute, Innoniq Technologies, and The Indian Institute of Technology, we are confident that a superior battery anode will be designed, tested and manufactured, providing a much-required enhancement to the performance of energy storage-related devices.


    • Mining Exploration
    • Resource Quantification
    • Mining Expansion
    • Supplier of Crystalline Vein Graphite
    • Research and Development of Graphene
    • Research and Development into Battery Anode


    • Quantifying the Queen’s Mine resource
    • Battery Anode development
    • Graphene development

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