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    GeoLith provides innovative technology for lithium extraction

    GeoLith provides zero emission, zero waste technology for lithium extraction to support the increased demand from battery mega-factories.

    GeoLith is a French start-up company that was born in 2016; their primary ambition is to develop a sustainable method of valorising lithium from brines and to eventually become the leader of Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology. The energy transition craves for fully sustainable value chains, which GeoLith meet with their zero emission, zero waste technology.

    GeoLith’s unique ion-exchange technology

    Through extensive research, GeoLith have developed an innovative technology, which allows selective lithium capture in microfiber-based cartridges. Their unique ion-exchange technology can be used in any brine that contains lithium and can reach performances above 90% of lithium capture, even in brines with low mineral concentration (20ppm lithium).

    These performances enable lithium production from sources that are currently unexploited, such us geothermal brines, petroleum waters, battery production scrabs, and under-concentrated salars. GeoLith is successfully industrialising its operations; to date the company has built three pilot plants, operating in France (in their own premises), the UK (since February 2022) and Chile (from March 2022), and is currently scaling up its manufacturing capabilities.

    What services do GeoLith offer to their customers?

    GeoLith’s  services range from engineering and feasibility studies (which is where the lithium extraction potential of our clients’ brines is assessed, as well as CAPEX and OPEX of the infrastructure), to the manufacturing of pilot plants and industrial scale DLE plants. GeoLith supports its clients throughout the equipment’s entire life, retrieving and replacing the used material, and ensuring that no waste is generated.

    What environmental impacts does this technology have?

    GeoLith’s unique technology reduces the environmental impact of lithium extraction to almost zero, improves extraction performances, and  drastically reduces the production time. With this technology, production of commercial lithium concentrates from a brine can be done less than an hour, which is a significant contrast to the current two-year production process. Therefore, the combination of these improvements makes lithium extraction not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective.

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