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    International Battery Metals: leading the lithium brine extraction revolution

    International Battery Metals is an advanced technology company whose cutting-edge technological advancements will enable it to lead world efforts in lithium brine extraction.

    International Battery Metals (IBAT) is an advanced technology company focused on the extraction of lithium brine. Currently, the company is in the process of obtaining intellectual property linked to lithium extraction from oil field brines for petro lithium extraction projects.

    The renewable energy of the future

    Renewable energy is not going anywhere, in fact demand for green and renewable energy will increase dramatically in the coming years: it has been estimated that global lithium demand may double in the next five years and doubling again in the following five years.

    Lithium is the key to the world’s energy transformation, and in order to meet the future’s growing demand, the lithium industry must respond with more efficient and economical solution.

    IBAT strives to allow the battery industry to realise the full capacity of renewable energy, with the goal of being a clean and socially conscientious alternative that drives forward green lithium extraction.

    Its novel extraction process is cost effective, sustainable and its pioneering technology puts the company in a unique position to generate sustainable and high-quality commercial grade lithium at a much faster pace than contemporary industry standards.

    The company’s novel Generation 3 system utilises an enhances selective absorbent, new technology and radical engineering model. This will enable International Battery Metals and its commercial partners to lead the world in lithium production.

    The IBAT guarantee

    • Extraction experts – its technical team has vast experience in lithium extraction projects
    • Advanced technology – IBAT is proud of its third generation patent pending proprietary technology
    • Economical – the company targets low-cost production of battery grade lithium, along with other metals
    • Rapid lithium extraction – fast resource extraction with high recovery rates
    • Sustainable – source brine returned to Aquifer, however, the company’s system is able to recycle 98% of fresh water
    • Time efficient – Innovative mobile extraction units for efficient timely deployment

    IBAT’s unique lithium brine extraction process

    A core element of the IBAT approach is to differentiate itself from the pack of lithium oriented venture-stage companies by rapidly moving towards the production stage by employing its novel technology.

    As well as assessing and possibly licensing the lithium extraction process, International Battery Metals has started its endeavours to obtain access to lithium baring brines that are optimal for lithium extraction from brine.

    By using its demonstrated and proprietary lithium extraction process from lithium baring brines, the company’s lithium extraction technology would be the lowest cost producer of lithium.

    IBAT is evaluating technology that should be capable of extracting and producing lithium products (such as lithium chloride, lithium carbonate, and lithium hydroxide) at costs comparable to existing low-cost lithium producers.

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