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    Lake Resources: high purity lithium for the electric vehicle revolution

    As the need for electric vehicles becomes clearer, Lake Resources is answering the urgent call for high purity lithium.

    Lake Resources is a clean lithium developer employing clean, direct extraction technology for the development of environmentally friendly, high purity lithium from its flagship Kachi Project, on top of three other lithium brine projects in Argentina. The projects cover nearly 2000 square kilometres in a prime location within the Lithium Triangle, where a staggering 40% of the world’s lithium is produced at the lowest cost and is 100% owned and operated by the company. High purity lithium carbonate samples (99.9%) with minimal impurities have been developed by utilising lithium brines from Lake’s flagship project. The recent advancements made in the field of higher density batteries that are powerful enough for the latest electric vehicles has dramatically enhanced the necessity for a consistently high purity battery quality product with low impurities, providing premium pricing for Lake’s planned product.

    Lake’s objective is to become an efficient, responsibly sourced sustainable and economical provider of high-purity lithium. Lake’s projects are readily scalable, and its battery-quality product is in demand from Tier 1 electric vehicle (EV) and battery producers around the world.

    These Tier 1 EV and battery producers have been searching for more sustainable, responsibly sourced materials in their supply chain, as stated by VW, Daimler, BMW, Tesla, and the European Commission, and this is fast accelerating the demand for Lake’s product.

    By employing a benign water treatment process to produce lithium, Lake mitigates the need for mining and returns almost all water to its source without changing its chemistry (apart from lithium removal).

    As a result of this process, the environmental footprint is far smaller than conventional brine evaporation pond processes or of hard rock mining, providing a greater outcome for local communities as well as the environment.

    With analysts pointing to an increasing supply deficit for battery-quality lithium, Lake’s projects are in the right location at the right time and are ready for development.


    • Green extraction technology
    • High quality lithium production
    • Sustainable, battery-quality lithium
    • Scalable product
    • Lithium brine processing

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