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    LumniCleanse: industry leading UVC disinfection technology

    LumniCleanse offers industry leading UVC disinfection technology, designed to safely sanitise environments, and to keep people and workplaces safe.

    We provide affordable, fast and effective UVC disinfection solutions, that are designed to meet the requirements of the market and compete with future technologies.

    UV-C light does not require human intervention, making it the safest way to effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses.

    LumniCleanse offers industry leading advanced sterilisation products:

    • Straightforward UVC disinfection technology
    • Affordable solutions for modern infection control
    • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria in seconds
    • Proven in medical and hospitality settings across Europe
    • Safe sterilisation without human intervention

    Our products, tried and tested in hospitality and medical settings in Europe, are now available for the first time in the UK.

    Our UVC disinfection technology provides solutions to accommodate sanitisation requirements within a range of settings, including:

    • Offices, workspaces and conference settings
    • Manufacturing environments
    • Hospitals and clinical theatres
    • Retail outlets
    • Hospitality sectors
    • Sports grounds, stadiums and changing facilities
    • Schools and universities
    • Transport

    LumniCleanse offer bespoke end-to-end support. We work with you to devise the best plan of action and range of products for your premises and we build and install your equipment on site. As well as this, we offer training on the use and maintenance of our products, and are available for additional support and maintenance.

    The efficacy of the LumniCleanse product range against viruses and bacteria has been validated by laboratory and microbiological assessments and proven in the field. The effectiveness and lifespan of the UV lamps is confirmed by manufacturer tests and independent research units. All our products have passed the required test and obtained EC declarations of conformity and CE markings, meaning you can trust them to operate as promised while satisfying all your sterilisation needs.

    Our products must only be sold through qualified partners and installed by professionals according to our stringent safety and legal requirements.