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    Green Energy: Harnessing the power of solar energy in the transportation sector

    Green Energy / Mipv.pro is decarbonising the transport industry through its cutting-edge solar panels that enable a range of vehicles to reap the benefits of solar energy.

    Green Energy / mipv.pro is a company consisting of Norwegian parent group Green Energy A/S and subsidiaries in other parts of the world. Its solar energy solutions, including self-developed electronics, software, and solar cells with CIGS technology, can be utilised by the entire transport industry worldwide, including buses, trucks, vans, campers, and boats.

    Now is the time for climate-friendly solutions, especially for tenders to municipalities, the state, and climate-oriented companies. Mipv.pro ensures the transition to green energy solutions through its cutting-edge, thoroughly tested, and E-certified solar panels.

    CIGS technology

    CIGS technology solar cells are specially designed for the needs of the transport sector – and, therefore, can withstand extreme weather conditions and cannot crack. CIGS is exceptionally light-sensitive, effectively producing power, even on a cloudy day with low radiation. The technology is not influenced by temperature, with the panels not becoming hot on the backside. There is no fire hazard with CIGS.

    MIPV.PRO Mobile Solar Panels

    The company specialises in mobile devices to provide a solution that converts solar energy efficiently and sustainably. It reduces vehicle fuel consumption and battery and generator wear and tear.

    Mipv.pro makes it possible to reach the green wave more efficiently with a full range of MIPV (Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic) kits. MIPV systems are produced in Denmark and can be used with 12V or 24V solutions.

    The solar panel sets are available in many different sizes and watt versions – all the way down from 55W. The solar panels can be combined simultaneously with a 220V inverter in both 12V and 24V and from 1000W to 4000W. The solar cells are extremely flexible, only 3mm thick and very easy to fit onto almost any surface, taking only three to four hours to be installed.

    The company’s impressive portfolio of solar energy solutions includes Solarbus.pro, Solarvan.pro, Solartruck.pro, Solarcamper.pro, and Solarship.pro.

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