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    NEXT-ChemX: iTDE Technology for Direct Lithium Extraction

    NEXT-ChemX Corporation has developed a radically new approach to commercial lithium and other ions direct extraction.

    NEXT-ChemX Corporation is a Nevada corporation and process technology company, trading as ‘CHMX’, that has developed ‘iTDE Technology’, an ion-Targeting Direct Extraction system. iTDE is able to extract ions from a liquid such as brine or leach solutions, even when they exist in low concentrations.

    The advantages of our proprietary system are that it is continuous, and does not require high pressure, high temperature, or electrolysis. It, therefore, has a low energy requirement and does not need fresh water in the case of a lithium brine feed solution. In our system, the feed liquid does not touch or mix with the extracting solution, as it uses a special very high surface area membrane along with a specific extractant for each targeted ion.

    It has been proven to extract lithium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, and copper, among other ions. It has also been proven to very efficiently extract fatty acids from vegetable oils to refine them and to extract glycerides from biofuels, such as biodiesel.

    Our objective is to tailor the iTDE system to a particular customer’s liquid composition in order to selectively remove the ions required by that customer. The customer’s large sample feed liquid needs to be sent to our facility for testing in our commercial pilot plant that is currently being constructed and anticipated to be finalised by June 2023 in Austin, Texas.

    NEXT-ChemX intends to supply its technology to serious mining companies, industrial companies, or battery recycling companies on a produced product-tolling basis.

    We are confident that our iTDE system is more environmentally friendly than conventional systems and more economic than other proposed DLE (Direct Lithium Extraction) technologies that we are aware of to date.

    Advantages of iTDE Technology

    • No preconcentration necessary;
    • Targeted ion extraction;
    • A continuous process, rather than batch process;
    • Processes at normal temperatures;
    • Does not need high pressure;
    • Minimal energy use;
    • Very little water consumption is required for extraction; and
    • More environmentally friendly.

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