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    Promoting research and development for a more sustainable future

    Using computer simulations, remote sensing and satellite technology, RSS-Hydro offer innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

    RSS-Hydro works towards promoting research and development for a sustainable future, focusing its activities pivoting around three business pillars: research, development of science-driven products and expert scientific consulting.

    RSS-Hydro’s Research and Education Department is a government-accredited research institute which hopes to receive public funding to allow the business to train PhD students and postdoctoral scholars. RSS-Hydro’s RED overall mission is to establish a globally influential private R&D centre in water risk sciences, with strategic public-private partnerships.

    The team is a mix of internationally-recognised scientists, geoscience technicians and trained drone pilots. The company stands for open data, promotes open public IP and publishes their methods and algorithms in open-access scientific journals. RSS-Hydro builds on transparency and strategic public-private partnerships to advance important issues, such as the SDGs.

    RSS-Hydro is a proud member of the Luxembourg Space Cluster, the Open Geospatial Consortium and EARSC.

    The company has recently joined forces with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and leading Italian software company Fadeout to create a joint venture called WASDI, that offers a fully interoperable platform, on which users can develop and execute Earth Observation (EO)-based apps for a variety of applications, including disaster assistance tools such as global flood mapping and fire detection from satellites.

    Given the high demand from industry sectors as well as the humanitarian and aid development community to offer more innovation in the EO application market, RSS-Hydro focuses resources and R&D projects to effectively respond to this market gap. RSS-Hydro is constantly committed to better serve science to everyone and engage end-users from a variety of different sectors by assisting them in developing better products for their needs or using new and existing services in a way that produces better actionable information.

    Watch the video below to learn how the company’s FloodSENS technology helped alleviate the impacts of the Idia Tropical Cyclone.


    • Remote sensing (Satellites, airborne, UAV)
    • Hydrology
    • Topography (DEM)
    • Flood Modelling
    • Machine Learning


    • Flood disaster assistance
    • Flood risk
    • Extreme value analysis
    • Innovation in industry
    • Education

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