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    Reinventing lead carbon batteries for the 21st century automotive industry

    The Ultimate Battery Company is reinventing lead carbon batteries, creating the next generation of green batteries for electric vehicles.

    The Ultimate Battery Company (UBC) is changing the way that people think about power storage and transforming products to meet current sustainability challenges and future net zero targets. UBC is a technology innovator that has made a significant breakthrough in lightweight, green, energy-dense storage, designed specifically for the circular economy. Our technology is initially reinventing lead carbon batteries for the 21st century automotive industry, renewable power storage, defence, as well as additional sectors.

    UBC lead carbon batteries

    UBC’s lead carbon batteries are 45% lighter and deliver up to 98% greater energy density on a like-for-like basis. This reduction in weight assists OEMs in achieving reduced vehicle CO2 emissions, helping to accelerate the move to net zero.

    The batteries save between 12kg and 15kg in weight irrespective of whether the vehicle has an internal combustion engine (ICE) or electric vehicle (EV) powertrain. This weight saving, makes a substantial saving in CO2 from not having to power the movement of that extra weight. The more vehicles that use UBC lead carbon batteries, the greater the CO2 savings.

    Moving closer to net zero targets

    UBC lead carbon batteries are expected to remain very important as EVs utilise 12-Volt batteries for low voltage accessories because it is simpler, cheaper, and safer than using the 400 V or 800 V main battery. 12-Volt batteries power the low voltage systems in electric vehicles that always require power, like the navigation, locking system and 4G modem. The 12 V lead carbon battery also powers the car’s ECU (engine control unit), the brain of the car, and the electric motor on start-up. So, without a 12 V battery, an EV is unable to be driven.

    The UBC manufacturing process is also cleaner and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods of production. Batteries can be made using recycled materials and are themselves recyclable at end of life.

    99% of lead is recycled within the UK, requiring no mining or shipping. UBC lead carbon batteries are designed to be fully recycled at end of life and made into new batteries once more.

    The UBC R&D facility is based in South Yorkshire, and we are building our new manufacturing plant in that area to produce products for home consumption as well as for export.

    UBC is also focussing on its EV motive battery system, which will accelerate electric car adoption by removing both charge downtime and range anxiety, as well as additional applications of its lightweight battery technology.


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