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    Renewable Ocean Energy: Pioneering the new wave of hydroelectric power

    Renewable Ocean Energy, Inc. (ROE) is harnessing the full potential of hydroelectric power through its cutting-edge Poseidon Hydroelectric system (PHS).

    Renewable Ocean Energy, Inc. is a start-up company comprised of engineers and business leaders from diverse industries with extensive combined experience. ROE’s mission is to innovate non-polluting, low-cost renewable energy solutions. The company’s Poseidon Hydroelectric system, invented by CEO Richard Navarro, PHD, elevates hydroelectric power to new frontiers.

    PHS solves the critical environmental challenge inherent in the production of electricity using fossil and nuclear fuels, overcomes the limitations of other renewable sources, reduces energy costs, and expands global access to electricity.

    The Poseidon Hydroelectric system

    The Poseidon Hydroelectric system produces electricity on any water source (pond, lake, river, or ocean) on a boat, oil platform, or onshore with water access. 70% of the Earth’s surface covered with ocean becomes a power source and eliminates drought, limiting energy production as seen with the Hoover Dam. Every 100 megawatts (MWh) of PHS power eliminates 50 tons of carbon emissions without harm to the environment, birds, fish, or marine life. PHS was vetted by the Texas Environmental Quality Board and the National Oceanographic Administration Agency.

    PHS blends three proven technologies for a unique solution to energy production protected under an issued US patent with additional patents pending. The initial prototype was unveiled to members of the Grapevine Texas Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas County Utility District in 2016. The second prototype was shown on Fox Worldwide Business News with Kathy Ireland in 2021. PHS allows renewable energy production 24/7 without Sun, wind, waves, tides, batteries, dams, or distributive electrical systems but connects directly to the present electrical grid for low-cost energy distribution. The absence of a dam reduces costs while voiding environmental concerns of fish kill, ecological damage to the environment and the risk of flooding.

    At just five cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) on salt water and three cents on freshwater, PHS is the low-cost energy leader for reliable energy production. Factory-manufactured modules designed to produce 250 kWh may be ganged together on any water source with sufficient acre-feet to meet the energy need of up to 100 MWh. Modules may be transported by truck, ship, rail, or helicopter to the site and installed on a barge, ship, oil platform, or onshore.

    PHS technology may be used to replace ageing hydroelectric dams, fossil or nuclear fueled power plants, or to convert ship propulsion from fossil fuels to electric. If sited on a ship or barge, the upper decks may be configured for other uses such as housing, retail, or offices.


    • Atmospheric carbon reduction or prevention
    • Hurricane and Typhoon Mitigation
    • Energy production
    • Desalination
    • Ocean clean up

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