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    Solid UltraBattery Inc: Developing new solid electrolyte battery technology

    Solid UltraBattery Inc are developing the next generation of energy storage systems, utilising solid electrolyte battery technology.

    Solid Ultrabattery Inc, founded in February 2019, is located in Guelph, Ontario. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development (R&D), design and production of low cost, high energy and safe solid-state batteries.

    Next generation energy storage systems

    Solid UltraBattery’s new R&D facility is located in Guelph, Ontario. The new R&D facility is fully equipped to build prototype batteries which includes the fabrication of the pouch cell and solid electrolyte. The facility is also equipped with test equipment to validate the batteries in house prior to formal validation by an accredited laboratory.

    Solid electrolyte battery technology

    Solid UltraBattery’s mission is to develop a solid electrolyte battery that far exceeds the performance of today’s leading battery technologies. In these efforts, Solid UltraBattery has developed a new state of the art solid electrolyte battery that is showing tremendous capabilities.

    This battery technology has significantly increased energy density by selecting a lithium metal anode, due to its low redox potential and high specific energy density. It has fast charge capabilities by eliminating lithium diffusion bottleneck, and a lower overall cost due the rejection of anode host materials and manufacturing costs.

    The solid electrolyte battery has an increased life span by eliminating capacity loss at anode interference. For safety precautions, Solid UltraBattery eliminated the organic separator, SSE is much more stable than liquid-based lithium metal battery.

    CMC-1 solid state electrolyte

    At the forefront of Solid UltraBattery’s solid state lithium battery technology is the proprietary solid electrolyte/separator (SSE), CMC-1, which is a flexible solid electrolyte separator that is stacked between the anode and cathode.

    CMC-1 acts as a barrier to prevent lithium dendrites from forming on lithium metal anodes, weaving in between electrodes during charge cycles and causing a short circuit that could lead to a battery fire.

    CMC-1 SSE vs polymer membranes

    In conventional lithium-ion batteries, polymer membranes are utilised as the separator material, using liquid electrolytes. Unlike CMC-1 SSE, polymer membranes are an inadequate failsafe against battery fires and dendrites, especially at high operating temperatures.

    Solid UltraBattery’s CMC-1 SSE superior thermal performance at wider temperature ranges ensures better stability while maintaining excellent ionic conductivity, resulting in better capabilities to prevent internal short circuits.

    A higher level of product safety can be realised as this configuration will substantially lower the probability of thermal runway. The CMC-1 SSE batteries will enable battery pack designers to employ lower cost thermal management strategies for failsafe operation of lithium metal batteries.


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