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    Using food waste to produce sustainable feed for the aquaculture industry

    Greentech Innovators manufacture sustainable protein and Omega-3 sources with production of Single Cell protein and microalgae from food waste and other organic waste.

    Greentech Innovators are developing new and more environmentally friendly solutions for organic waste management like food waste. By using Biotechnology, we are transforming organic material into sustainable feed for the aquaculture industry. We are producing high quality protein and omega-3 as an alternative to fish meal and soy. The global aquaculture industry is fast growing and has a great potential for increasing production of healthy seafood to the growing population. To continue growing, there is a need for new and sustainable protein and omega-3 sources as feed. The supply of fish meal is limited and there are environmental concerns regarding overfishing. Soy is also a limited feed ingredient and an increase in production may damage the rainforests.

    Greentech Innovators represent a new alternative protein and Omega-3 source with production of Single Cell protein and microalgae from food waste.

    Food waste – and other organic waste – contains high value ingredients with a potential to be used as feed, but the waste management solutions are causing global environmental challenges such as greenhouse gas emission from landfills, and pollution of water and oceans. In fact, 14% of the greenhouse gas Methane comes from landfills. Meanwhile, globally, food wastage stands at an annual 1.3 billion tons. The traditional waste management solutions are landfills, composting, biogas production, or incineration. All of these solutions cause greenhouse gas emissions, and with very limited to no value creation, do little to stimulate the economy.

    Both protein and omega-3 are in high demand, with all the large feed producers searching for new and sustainable feed sources to substitute fish meal and soy.

    To summarise; Greentech Innovators are solving a global waste problem causing greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time, we are producing highly demanded protein and omega-3 fatty acids as feed for the expanding aquaculture industry. This is a real bioeconomy solution, supporting several of the UN’s sustainability goals and is is in line with the EU’s “Green Deal” strategy.


    • Circular economy
    • Sustainable protein feed
    • Organic waste management
    • Aquaculture feed


    • Fermentation
    • Microalgae technology
    • Waste management
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