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    Volt Carbon Technologies: Leading the future for solid-state batteries

    Volt Carbon Technologies is harnessing its expertise to become industry production leader of solid-state batteries, graphene and graphite products.

    Volt Carbon Technologies is a junior resource company involved in the acquisition and exploration of property interests that are considered potential sites for future mining opportunities. The Company continues to hold mineral rights to multiple historic molybdenum properties in British Columbia and a graphite property in Quebec.

    In addition to developing resources, the company has projects focused on the development of solid-state batteries, graphene and graphite products including lithium-ion batteries and novel DNA sensing methods. The company recently acquired novel solid state battery technology (Solid Ultrabattery) and is currently building capability and resources to develop this technology with a goal to commercialise its intellectual property. Solid Ultrabattery recently commissioned a battery research center in Guelph, Ontario and is currently ramping up development of solid electrolyte batteries.

    The Company has proprietary technology consisting of an air classifier that converts ore into high purity graphite. The Air Classifier is capable of sustainable processes and purifying graphite with a dry circuit. This substantially lowers the environmental impact when compared to traditional wet circuits.


    • Solid State & Solid Electrolyte Battery
    • Battery Anodes
    • Graphite Separation from Ore
    • Graphite Purification
    • Graphene Research


    • Energy Storage
    • Carbon Sciences

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