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    West High Yield Resources: Mining high-grade magnesium and silica

    West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd. focuses on mining high-grade magnesium and silica at its 100% owned Record Ridge property.

    The W.H.Y. Record Ridge property

    The construction of the Record Ridge (R.R.) property will bring into production one of the world’s largest, greenest deposits of high-grade magnesium and silica, with saleable amounts of nickel and iron.

    The R.R. property is located two kilometres North of Washington State in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada, and includes a 7.5 square kilometre outcrop of nature’s greenest building blocks. Our world-class magnesium asset is of the highest grades that can produce pharmaceutical/food grades of magnesium oxide (MgO) of over 99% purity and high purity silica, nickel, and iron credits. The company is currently in the final phase of the mining permit application and expects to begin mining ore in short order.

    With this milestone soon to be completed, the company has initiated pre-feasibility work in support of the semi-commercial demonstration plant, which is both cash flow positive and able to meet the objectives of mitigating technological and R&D risks. This generates sufficient engineering data to up-scale the process and ensures that the product meets the industrial requirements. Training is also provided for key operating personnel to facilitate smooth commissioning of the commercial plant.

    How does W.H.Y. technology produce high-grade magnesium?

    The company’s proprietary technology is a green hydrometallurgical process based on hydrochloric acid leaching, which has been successfully tested. It has been revealed that the company’s technology is able to produce a high purity (>99%) MgO product, with over 94% rate of recovery at low temperatures (under 85°C) and under atmospheric pressure. It also produces high-grade silica, nickel, and iron as saleable by-products and utilises a closed-loop circuit that can regenerate its acid requirements, which results in minimal environmental impact.

    The combination of the company’s low-energy innovation process with the strong long-term demand in the MgO and silica markets presents an opportunity for this technology to offer a low-cost MgO and silica processing option whilst adhering to top tier environmental practices. Thus, these critical minerals are crucial in achieving the current net zero transition emission targets.

    Since completing our positive preliminary economic assessment (PEA NI 43-101) in 2013, the demand and market pricing for MgO has increased significantly.

    MgO is a critical element that is important in:

    • The physiological well-being and sustainable future of humankind; and
    • The advancements of green industrial manufacturing of enhanced products, such as pharma grade magnesium, crop nutrient, aerospace/automotive components, and emerging magnesium EV battery technology.

    Currently, there is a requirement for high-grade silica utilised in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips, solar panels, and technology-related glass applications. Demand for these products continues to exceed supply and the demand for environmentally responsible and secure supply chains.

    W.H.Y. Resources’ R.R. magnesium mine is in a geopolitically stable, mining-friendly Canadian jurisdiction. Minimal emissions will occur from this excursion due to environmental sensitivity and an intention to contour mining with a green carbon-neutral extraction process.


    • Mining high-grade magnesium and silica in a mining-friendly jurisdiction with infrastructure in place;
    • An environmentally friendly extraction process that extracts MgO at a high purity (over 99%), with minimal CO2 emissions;
    • Recovery yields that exceed 90%, with over 90% of ore being converted into saleable critical mineral products, resulting in minimal waste (less than 10%); and
    • A world-class resource of global significance.


    • We are seeking interested collaborators/financers whose strategic long-term imperatives align with the development of a green magnesium extraction process to develop MgO or Mg metal products and silica for secure long-term supply chains;
    • Development of emerging Mg energy cell battery technology;
    • Governments that are seeking to secure reserves; and
    • Manufacturers consortiums seeking to secure mine to market supply chains and industries considering the development of cooperative magnesium processing facilities.