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    Zentek: Utilising nanotechnology for groundbreaking advancements in healthcare

    Zentek is using its vast experience in nanomaterials and nanotechnology to address complex challenges in the healthcare industry.

    Zentek is an IP development and commercialisation company that uses its expertise in nanomaterials and strategic partnerships to break through the barriers of molecular science and uncover new possibilities in healthcare and beyond.

    We believe our proven, next-generation, patented nanotechnologies will help solve the world’s most complex healthcare challenges and more.

    Nanotechnology including graphene has the potential to protect against pathogens, detect and treat disease, clean our water, make building materials stronger and produce cleaner energy. With almost limitless potential to improve people’s lives, we are uniquely positioned to create significant value through our next-generation healthcare solutions and beyond.

    Zen’s patented ZENGuard™ coating technology has 99%+ proven effectiveness against viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The Company is working with partners globally to bring this much needed, antimicrobial innovation forward to better protect healthcare workers and the public.

    We are also actively engaging the indoor air quality market and phase 1 testing of ZenGUARD™-coated HVAC filters demonstrated a maximum improvement of 99% compared to equivalent MERV-rated filters creating a powerful energy efficient solution to the clean air challenge. Phase 2 testing in a full-size classroom at the National Research Council of Canada is on going and would demonstrate the ZenGUARD™ technology at scale.

    ZenGUARD™ is being tested as a breakthrough antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory therapy for skin disease so people can recover faster and live their lives to the fullest. Testing to date has shown our nanotech powered ZenGUARD™ products are safe and effective against numerous pathogens and decrease inflammation. Anecdotal testing for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and many others were very encouraging and the company is now doing pre-clinical studies to establish safety as a potential pharmaceutical product.



    • Advanced PPE for the healthcare field
    • Rapid detection for numerous pathogens
    • Therapeutic treatments for numerous pathogens

    Clean Tech

    • Graphene-based fuel additives that enhance economy
    • Graphene-enhanced battery technologies

    Advanced Materials

    • Carbon-based Icephobic coatings
    • Other graphene-enhanced polymers and coatings

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