Preparing for the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System

In preparation for the launch of the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System, the BioMonitor project participated in this year’s Community of Practice Workshop hosted by the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy.

In June 2020, experts discussed the different aspects to be addressed prior to the launch of the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System. The BioMonitor project discussed its activities, which aim to meet the objectives of the updated European Bioeconomy Strategy.

The European Commission hosts the Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy and leads the action on the development of a comprehensive monitoring system as outlined in the 2018 updated Bioeconomy Strategy Action Plan. In one of the Bioeconomy Community of Practice workshops on monitoring the bioeconomy, experts deliberated the relevance and completeness of the indicators selected to monitor the bioeconomy based on the EU following bioeconomy strategy objectives:

  • Increasing food security
  • Managing natural resources sustainably
  • Reducing dependence on non-renewable, unsustainable resources
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Strengthening European competitiveness and creating jobs

BioMonitor participated in the parallel sessions dedicated to selecting indicators for the bioeconomy monitoring system. Indicators vary depending on the needs and requirements of bioeconomy stakeholders. The workshop highlighted the need to enlarge the basic indicators needed to specify various information such as time, geographical scales, and units produced per capita.

The EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System will be launched at a session called, Rebooting the economy—sustainability, growth, and climate action delivered by the bioeconomy, in the Global Bioeconomy Summit in November 2020.

The aim of the summit is to showcase the opportunities the sustainable and circular bioeconomy can offer to European economies. With this, the European Commission aims to increase resilience in Member States and to stimulate growth for the COVID-19 recovery and Europe’s green transition towards carbon neutrality, through the collection of scalable and actionable bioeconomy solutions from different continents.


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