Pure Extraction Corp announce fuel-cell-powered vehicle partnership

Pure Extraction Corp has announced it will be joining forces with AVL Powertrain UK Limited and Ballard Power Systems Inc to facilitate the production of a fuel-cell-powered vehicle.

All parties have entered into definitive agreements, which with the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary First Hydrogen Corp (First Hydrogen), will work together to design and develop a fuel-cell-powered vehicle in which First Hydrogen will own the commercial rights for the design.

Ballard Power Systems Inc is a global industry leader in innovative clean energy and fuel cell solutions, developing and industrialising proton exchange membrane fuel cell products for a vast array of sectors, such as portable power, heavy-duty motive, and material handling, in addition to creating technology solutions services. Furthermore, Ballard will provide support and integration of its hydrogen fuel-cell module for First Hydrogen’s prototype light commercial vehicle.

AVL Powertrain UK Limited – part of the AVL Group – is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation, and testing in the automotive industry, as well as other sectors. AVL produces concepts, solutions, and methodologies in the fields of e-mobility, ADAS, autonomous driving, vehicle integration, digitalisation, virtualisation, big data, and much more. They will design and implement the incorporation of all powertrain components, including developing vehicle components and control software.

The company was assigned two non-binding letters of intent from Nova Light Capital Limited, an arm’s length company, which now have been ratified into the definitive agreements.

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