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Renforth’s Polymetallic Victoria West Delivers a Suite of Battery Metals Near Surface with 2.2kms mineralized strike drilled within 5km structure, in a 20km magnetic anomaly.

Renforth Resources Inc is pleased to deliver to shareholders the results from their 21 holes drilled over a strike length of 2.2 kms at Victoria West, with each hole delivering mineralization and the four deeper holes demonstrating an increase in grade.

The results reported on include the two 2021 drill programs and the results from resampling of the 2.5 holes drilled in 2020 in the intervals presented below. Surimeau is a wholly owned 260 km2 property in the Pontiac, south of the Cadillac Break and contiguous to the Canadian Malartic Mine. There are 5 areas of known polymetallic mineralization on the property, including the Huston target, 18kms NW of Victoria West, where Renforth recently reported a grab sample assaying 1.9% Ni, 1.38% Cu, 1170ppm Co and 4 g/t Ag and several gold showings.

Our Surimeau District Property hosts our first exploration for nickel, copper, cobalt – 3 of the primary metals required for batteries and, in particular, Electric Vehicles. While still at a very early stage, the extent of the findings outlined in this press release and the magnitude of additional potential within the 260 km2 property, its known targets and unexplored prospective ground warranting further exploration, Surimeau presents an exciting new path for Renforth Resources in metals that are forecast to be in high demand as the EV and energy storage market grows.

“This press release, summarizing our successful initial exploration at Victoria West, is quite long and detailed, I sincerely appreciate shareholders reading this in its entirety. Surimeau is very important to Renforth, with significant potential, our future focus will be on establishing our battery metals assets, backed by our gold deposit” states Nicole Brewster, President and CEO of Renforth.

Victoria West Drill Results

Victoria West, the first target to be drilled by Renforth, has a current mineralized strike length, comprised of Renforth’s drilling and surface sampling, along with prior drilling and surface sampling by Lac Minerals and other historic operators, of ~5km, co-incident with a mag high anomaly clearly visible on government geophysics, which continues to the east for ~15kms, where it ends on the Surimeau property at the Colonie target, which hosts polymetallic mineralization. It is the opinion of management and consulting geoscientists that Renforth’s results are sufficient to support historic results, confirming the strike length of Victoria West. To the east, within the ~20km magnetic trend, the ground seems to be, upon brief field inspection, of low relief with little outcrop and unexplored, with no historic documentation available.

The results of this drill program, including the measurement of magnetic susceptibility while logging core, demonstrate that the government survey is registering the magnetic signature of the nickel and cobalt bearing ultramafic body at Victoria West. Renforth’s future plans include investigation of the ~14km of magnetic anomaly between Victoria West and Colonie in order to determine whether the mineralized ultramafic mineralization occurring with the magnetic anomaly over a 5 km portion of the anomaly continues the length of the anomaly.

Drilling has taken place at Victoria West in 3 different phases;

• October 2020 – a total of 2.5 holes were drilled in 194m using a track mounted drill which
broke down 32m down the 3rd hole, ending the program. Each hole returned visible
• March/April 2021 – a total of 15 holes were drilled in 3456m over a strike length of 2.2km,
these holes were drilled south in pairs, designed to cross the north-south “width” of the eastwest
striking magnetic ultramafic body, targeted with the government aeromagnetic survey.
• June 2021 – a total of 4 holes were drilled in 773.2m, using the pads cleared for the prior drill
program. These holes were each drilled north, at a steeper angle than the prior drilling,
designed to undercut visually interesting results from the March/April drill program.

Victoria West Assay Highlights

Presented below is a highlight table for the 4,423.2m drilled at Victoria West. The intervals given are as measured in the core box, true width is not known at this time. Intervals in blue denote long measured lengths, intervals in red denote higher grade results, provided to aid in a quick review.

The mineralized body at Victoria West is currently interpreted to be an ultramafic intrusive body, carrying consistent nickel and cobalt mineralization, within which there are areas of higher grade. In the drilling the shoulders of the ultramafic, or the hanging and footwalls, demonstrate copper and zinc mineralization, including occasional zones of “mixing”.

The interpreted structure is currently considered consistent along the drilled strike, with variation in the width of the shoulder zones. Interestingly, the recently concluded stripping at Victoria West encountered much more copper and zinc on surface than was seen in the drilling, currently this is considered to be due to the variable presence of the ultramafic nickel/cobalt body and the magmatic copper/zinc body, consistent with our “Outokumpu style” model that suggests two different mineralized bodies juxtaposed in one location due to the circumstances of the mineralizing event.

“We, as a team, are very pleased to present Victoria West to shareholders as an interesting new battery metals discovery, this is very early stage with much more work to do as we are still open on strike, within a 20km structure, and at depth, with our best intersection in this program occurring between only approximately 50 and 80m vertical depth. Well located with road access and hydroelectric power Surimeau, with several known areas of polymetallic mineralization, is at the very beginning of its exploration and development cycle.

It is quite exciting to work on an old occurrence, thought to be small scale and, as it was not gold, not of much interest in the 1980’s which, now that we are beginning to unlock the true size of the occurrence and identify the metals it contains, grows in importance each day” states Nicole Brewster, President and CEO of Renforth.

Victoria West Drilling and Stripping Plan

Above is a plan view of the drill collar locations, as well as the location of the recently stripped area. Access for drilling was obtained via the municipal road “Rapide Sept” shown at the right-hand edge of the map, then a lumber road which runs over the magnetic anomaly, with chipped trails off the lumber road. This allows vehicle access directly to the collar locations. Also visible is one of the hydroelectric power lines from the dam to the south which runs on the property, it is the vertical line over the cleared power line just inside the right-hand side of the image.

Indicated in yellow is the area of Oct/Nov. 2021 stripping at Surimeau where approximately 300m in east-west strike of mineralization has been uncovered and washed. This program revealed more copper on surface than we expected, based on the amount of copper observed in drill core. Channel samples have been taken and submitted for assay.

Initial Metallurgical Test Work (Previously Reported Feb. 18, 2021)

Renforth has only undertaken initial metallurgical work at Victoria West with grab samples from the summer of 2020. The work done is very limited and not reflective of all the lithologies and types of mineralization now seen at Victoria West. Planning for additional metallurgical work has begun, this may utilize the newly stripped ground which exposes several mineralization types on surface.

The previous press release stated that 16 grab samples from Victoria West which assayed over 0.1% Ni using four acid digestion were re-assayed using Aqua Regia, a comparison of the results leads to a simplistic conclusion regarding the percentage of silicate vs. sulphide content of each sample. Each sample was tested twice with the duplicates giving similar values using the Aqua Regia analysis method. The results, summarized, are one sample was less than 10% Ni in sulphide, one sample was in the 42% Ni in sulphide range, 3 samples in the 52% range, four samples in the 60% range, 3 samples in the 70% range, 3 in the 80% range and one in the 90% range. The mathematical average of the results for samples taken on Victoria West is 65.27% Ni in sulphide. Full results are available in the original press release.

Rock Value Calculators

Shareholders may find it helpful to calculate the total metal value of the polymetallic results in this release. Calculators do the math of giving a USD/t value, however, users should be aware that this is a gross value, with no consideration for mining or smelting costs, transport etc.

Drill samples reported on in this press release were all selected in the field from logged drill core, bagged, tagged, and sealed and delivered to initially AGAT Laboratories in Val D’Or where they were processed for Sodium Peroxide Fusion – ICP-OES/ICP-MS Finish Multi Element Analysis. To date no testing has been done for platinum group elements.

Grab samples referred to in this press release (from Feb. 18, 2021 release) were obtained in the field, bagged, tagged and sealed and delivered to ALS in Val d’Or. Samples were split after crushing, with one split subjected to four-acid digestion. Subsequent to this the reject split was digested with aqua regia. Both splits were assayed by ICP-MS analysis.

About Renforth

Renforth wholly owns the ~260 km2 Surimeau District Property, which hosts numerous areas of polymetallic and gold mineralization, each with various levels of exploration, as well as a significant amount of unexplored ground. Victoria West has been drilled over a strike length of 2.2km, within a 5km long mineralized structure, proving nickel, copper, zinc and cobalt mineralization, in the western end of a 20km magnetic anomaly. The Huston target, during initial reconnaissance, resulted in a grab sample grading 1.9% Ni, 1.38% Cu, 1170 ppm Co and 4 g/t Ag. In addition to this the Lalonde, Surimau and Colonie Targets are all polymetallic mineralized occurrences which, along with various gold showings, comprise the areas of potential of this NSR free property.

In addition to the Surimeau District battery metals property Renforth wholly owns the Parbec Gold deposit, a surface gold deposit contiguous to the Canadian Malartic Mine property in Malartic, Quebec. In 2020/21 Renforth completed 15,569m of drilling which successfully twinned certain historic holes, filled in gaps in the resource model with newly discovered gold mineralization and extended mineralization deeper. Based upon the success of this significant drill program the Company considers the spring 2020 MRE, with a resource estimate of 104,000 indicated ounces of gold at a grade of 1.78 g/t Au and 177,000 inferred ounces of gold at a grade of 1.78 g/t Au to be out of date. With the new data gained Renforth will undertake to complete the first ever structural study of the mineralization at Parbec, as well as additional total metallic assay work in order to better
contextualize the nugget effect on the gold mineralization.

Renforth also holds the Malartic West property, the site of a copper/silver discovery, and Nixon-Bartleman, west of Timmins Ontario, with gold present on surface over a strike length of ~500m.

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