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Scientists tackle two important issues with quantum computing applications

A collaborative research team investigated two problems in quantum computing: breaking the encryption of Bitcoin (a digital currency) and simulating the molecule responsible for...

Airplane manufacturing is improved as scientists employ AI

A collaborative team from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Argonne National Laboratory have employed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to successfully manufacture airplane components. What...
Artificial Intelligence

Scientists work to harness noise in optical computing for AI

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed new optical computing hardware for AI and machine learning that is faster and much more energy...
high pressure

Study displays novel crystal structure for hydrogen under high pressure

Using data science and supercomputer simulations, researchers have identified a potential crystal phase for hydrogen solidified at extreme pressures. Elements in the periodic table can...
our solar system

Cutting-edge model reveals our solar system formed from rings

Scientists SwRI have developed a groundbreaking model that has potentially unveiled the formation of our solar system.
net zero computing

Setting out targets for net zero computing by 2040

Data experts are analysing UKRI’s digital estate to set out targets for net zero computing within the next two decades. Scientists will recommend a plan...
planetary defence test

Lawrence Livermore participates in NASA’s first planetary defence test

NASA’s first ever planetary defence test is launched, that deliberately collides a spacecraft into an asteroid called Dimorphos. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is taking...

ATLAS: pushing the boundaries of particle physics analysis

Dr Jinlong Zhang, ATLAS Group Leader at the Argonne National Laboratory, discusses Argonne’s involvement in physics analysis in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. At the...

The GlueX Experiment: Investigating the gluonic excitations of mesons

Professor Curtis A Meyer, from Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Physics, provides fascinating insights into the cutting-edge research conducted at the GlueX Experiment. Over the...
 Developing a novel tool for analysing massive superconducting circuits

 Developing a novel tool for analysing massive superconducting circuits

Researchers have developed a technique for analysing large superconducting circuits, which could facilitate advancements in the field of quantum computing.
new physics

Evidence towards a ‘new physics’ beyond the Standard Model of particle...

Towards a ‘new physics’: calculations made by scientists at the University of Bonn support the hypothesis that the Standard Model of physics should be extended.
quantum computers

New method achieves unprecedented accuracy in quantum computers

Researchers have devised an innovative method for optimising the accuracy of quantum computers, a significant limitation of the technology.
European storms

European storms exacerbated by the effects of climate change

A team of climate experts has identified that European storms will be significantly intensified in the coming years due to climate change.
Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse big data from astronomy surveys

Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse big data from astronomy surveys

Japanese researchers at have developed a groundbreaking method to mitigate the effects of shape noise in astronomy surveys.
quantum computer

Boosting quantum computer capabilities with a standard desktop

Scientists have developed an efficient computing method, combining the power of a quantum computer with the reliability of a conventional PC.
ozone layer

Destruction of ancient ozone layer stunted human population

Research has signified that a primordial supervolcano severely decreased atmospheric ozone levels, reducing the human population.
galaxy clusters

Plasma jets reveal magnetic fields in galaxy clusters

Researchers at Nagoya University have discovered plasma jets interacting with magnetic fields in a gigantic galaxy cluster 600 million light-years away, utilising radio telescopes and supercomputer simulations.
The Big Data challenge at the LHC

The Big Data challenge at the Large Hadron Collider

The IFIC's José Salt and Santiago González de la Hoz discuss the Big Data challenge at the LHC and how deep learning is being used in LHC experiments to extract knowledge.
quantum technology in Finland

VTT’s quantum technology in Finland and Europe

Himadri Majumdar, manager at VTT, discusses the research centre's role in delivering quantum technology to Finland and Europe.
DNA helix

Footage of a DNA helix shows it dancing inside the cell

Researchers at universities in Yorkshire have developed videos based on high-resolution images of a DNA helix, allowing us to see ‘dancing DNA’ for the first time.


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