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quantum bits

Scientists detect quantum information stored in 100,000 nuclear quantum bits

Researchers have detected quantum information in 100,000 nuclear quantum bits, bringing us one step closer to the quantum internet.
plant microbes

Scientists analyse plant microbes to understand crop health and boost food...

A team of researchers has identified 300 species of plant microbes that grow with common Asian vegetables, which could improve crop health.
nuclear physics community

Leading the US nuclear physics community

Berkeley Lab discusses leading the US nuclear physics community and the diverse research activities taking place at the lab.
small quantum computer

Scientists have used a small quantum computer to solve a major...

Researchers have shown that they can solve a small part of a major logistics problem with their small quantum computer.
Digital Europe Programme

European Commission supports political agreement on €7.5bn Digital Europe Programme

The European Commission has embraced the political agreement on the first EU programme that aims to accelerate the Digital Europe Programme.
Black hole simulations

Black hole simulations to drive innovation in gravitational wave detectors

Researchers for RIT have developed new black hole simulations that could further the development of gravitational wave detectors.
coral reefs

Using AI to monitor coral reefs

Researchers from the Arizona State University, USA, have generated a global coral reef extent map using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model capable of predicting...
gravitational lensing

Astrophysicists mitigate gravitational lensing using self-calibration methods

Scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, have demonstrated the first use of self-calibration to remove contamination from gravitational lensing signals, paving...
Quantum key distribution

Quantum key distribution – securing Europe’s cyberspace

Dr Hannes Hübel, the project manager of OPENQKD speaks to Innovation News Network about the adoption of quantum key distribution in Europe. OPENQKD, a pilot...

Researchers produce megatesla order magnetic fields

Researchers from Osaka University, Japan, have discovered a novel mechanism, called ‘microtube implosion’, which demonstrates the generation of megatesla order magnetic fields. Since the 19th...

The SPARC emission-free power plant

MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) have published a new series of papers outlining the progress of the SPARC project, which aims to create...
dark energy

CEA – dark matter and dark energy shape the Universe

Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille explains how the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) will be able to address several of the most challenging questions of cosmology and...
preventative treatments for COVID-19

Five generic drugs identified as preventative treatments for COVID-19

In collaboration with the University of Vienna, Austrian biotech company, CEBINA, has identified five generic drugs as potential preventative treatments for COVID-19. CEBINA, an Austrian...
Neuromorphic technology

Neuromorphic technology – accelerating the AI revolution in Europe

Neuromorphic technology are rapidly advancing across Europe and are poised to help accelerate the AI revolution. By taking loose inspiration from the brain, artificial neural...
COVID-19 technologies

How successful is the new wave of COVID-19 technologies?

Scientists have developed a multitude of new innovative COVID-19 technologies – but which can successfully aid the global recovery from the recent pandemic? Since the...
cancer diagnosis

Developing cancer diagnosis technology with interdisciplinary collaboration

In an interview with Innovation News Network, nuclear physicist Laura Harkness-Brennan discusses her work leading the STFC Cancer Diagnosis Network+ and the importance of...

Scientists create crystalline materials out of silver-gold intermetallic clusters

A team of researchers have developed a novel method of producing macroscopic crystalline materials out of 34 atom silver-gold intermetallic clusters. The crystalline material, created...
International collaboration

The importance of international collaboration in times of global crisis

Many scientists have received funding to solve issues associated with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a large portion of the funding has been provided by...
Coronavirus research

European Commission to spend €10m on coronavirus research

The European Commission (EC) is prioritising research into the coronavirus as €10m from Horizon 2020 is to be used to fund coronavirus research projects. The...
ai in mass transportation

AI in mass transportation: transforming mobility through deep learning

Optibus co-founder and CEO Amos Haggiag explains how the AI methodology of deep learning can lead to more efficient mobility. Citywide transportation is complex, especially...

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