Specialising in marine and transportation insurance

SEASECURE and GUIAN proposes competitive solutions covering a large range of insurance types dedicated to the shipping, trading and yachting industries.

SEASECURE and GUIAN, are two sister companies active in the marine and aquaculture insurance brokerage. Both brands develop their activities by sharing their territorial network in France, Switzerland (Geneva) and West Africa (Abidjan). In total, this team is made up of 45 people and proposes its increased technical and geographical proximity to the marine and aquaculture industries.


GUIAN is, first of all, a name well established in the marine insurance sphere of Le Havre since 1931. GUIAN is synonym of experts’ assessment, proximity with its clients, and trust-based relationships established on long-term basis with a strong field culture. GUIAN’s team is made of specialists with experimented profiles and various backgrounds, sometimes coming from the professional universe of its clients. For over 10 years GUIAN has developed a specific insurance product ‘AQUASECURE’ which is dedicated to the aquaculture industry. At the end of March 2018, t GUIAN became part of the group SEASECURE, along with SEASECURE SA and SEASECURE SARL.


Created in Marseille, SEASECURE is a young company founded in 2008. Specialised in marine and transportation insurance, SEASECURE develops an international activity, especially in the trading industry. In 2012, SEASECURE opened an office in Geneva, a dynamic place of the European trading, then in Brittany in 2016 and Abidjan in 2017.

SEASECURE proposes competitive solutions dedicated to the shipping, trading and yachting industries through an offer covering large range of insurance types (such as hull & machinery, cargo, loss of hire, war risks and piracy, and protection & indemnity. Through its subsidiary established in Ivory Coast, SEASECURE is also able to offer its clients insurance solutions in compliance with local insurance obligations.

Our skills and offices

Our team of 45 employees is at your disposal in six locations over France, Switzerland and Africa – Le Havre, Marseille, Paris, Lorient, Geneva, and Abidjan. Below, are some of our key skills:

Cargo risks

We provide a wide range of coverages regarding cargo transportation and storage that include, but are not limited to:

  • Multinational Programs,
  • Cargo stock throughout,
  • Temperature-controlled goods,
  • Commodity trader specificities.

We work with all the first class insurers of the French Market and with Italian, English, Norvegian, Belgium and German markets.

Hull and machinery

Our dedicated team providing risks analysis, market analysis, benchmarking and negotiation is active in the following areas of activity: the fishing Industry (marine hull ferries, and fast ferries bulk), ore tankers, container carriers research vessels (reefers product carriers, dredging national and international fleets), – Offshore & Energy Offshore Equipment (ROVs and underwater equipment), cable layers, pipe-layers, and supplies tug boats.

Ports and terminal operators

We are able to propose tailor made policies to cover claims arising from Property and third-party liability, including:

  • Property damages and bodily injury,
  • Error & omission,
  • Accidental pollution
  • Handling equipment,
  • Business interruption,
  • Terrorism.

Whether your standard Terms of Trades are based on statutory conventions or on agreed contracts of carriage with your principals, we will provide the support you need to provide your customers the best service possible and protect the goods under your care, custody and control. We can provide you with a wide range of coverages, including:

  • Contractual liabilities,
  • Professional liability and Error & Omission,
  • Third party liability,
  • Bodily injuries,
  • Accidental pollution liability,
  • Shipping agency liability,
  • Stevedores liability,
  • Custom brokers liability,
  • Fines & duty costs,
  • Shippers interest insurance.


GUIAN SA as developed AQUASECURE insurance contract covering the mortality risk of aquaculture life stock for onshore or offshore farming and hatcheries. Our knowledge of your business allows us to offer one of the most efficient contracts on the market. AquaSecure is a livestock insurance contract specifically developed for aquaculture risks. Our knowledge of aquaculture business allows us today to offer one of the most successful contracts on the market. The AquaSecure contract includes:

  • A range of complete coverage (diseases, pollution, climatic events, etc.),
  • A premium calculated on the average value at risk and not on the maximum,
  • A non-disaster rebate system,
  • A contract built on agreed values.

AquaSecure is the name of our tailor-made aquaculture livestock policy for fish farmers. With our insurers’ 20 years’ experience in aquaculture insurance, Assureds have the benefit of an insurance policy adapted to their needs. Fishes are insured from time they arrive on site. No 15-day waiting period before cover starts. Our policy is not subject to any official Natural Disaster Declaration. Therefore, even if the official authorities do not declare Natural Disaster status, Assured will still be covered for this kind of event.

Our policy is based on an agreed value between you and the insurers in order to avoid any difficulties in the event of a claim. Such agreed value will be negotiated before the beginning of the coverage. Policies are designed in collaboration with a Consultant who is familiar with Acwho will amend your policy in your best interest. We support clients active in Europe, Middle East and South America.

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