Super Bowl commercials feature electric vehicles

Brent Wilson, CEO and President of Galvanic Energy, discusses how electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent in Super Bowl commercials.

The Super Bowl is an enormously popular event featuring top-tier athleticism, electrifying halftime performances, and can’t-miss commercials. According to FOX Sports, Super Bowl LVII drew an average viewership of 113 million, making it the third-most-watched television show of all time.

With the broadcast consistently raking in high numbers, it is no wonder why companies are willing to spend millions each year on high-profile commercials promoting their products. Often featuring top-notch cinematography, special effects, humour, and star-studded cameos, Super Bowl commercials have become a cultural phenomenon of their own.

While the genius behind their creation is worth noting, it is also worth taking a closer look at the commercial’s content. Typically, these spots serve as a good indicator of what is current or coming trends. One product making a fifth Super Bowl appearance was electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle movement is gaining traction

This year, Will Ferrell returned to promote the General Motors (GM) line of electric models (remember “No way Norway”?), informing us that Netflix will be giving more screen time to EVs in upcoming shows. Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial introduced its eco-friendly line-up while animals danced the “Electric Boogie.” Dodge used adult humour to de-escalate consumer electric range anxiety and promote its next-gen 2024 Ram truck. And Hyundai showed how dads like Kevin Bacon are even getting on board with EVs.

Indeed, the electric vehicle market continues to soar with a strong outlook for decades to come, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Although EVs only make up 10% of all automobiles, their global market share is quickly rising. With EVs dominating the marketing focus of automakers during the Super Bowl, it is easy to believe we will see more and more of these vehicles at dealerships and on the roads, to the point they will become the new norm.

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