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Cell-based fish from a bioreactor: a novel alternative to fishing

Cell-based fish from a bioreactor: a novel alternative to fishing

Scientists at Bluu Biosciences are developing a method of growing cell-based fish, which could offer a sustainable alternative to fishing.

Monitoring ocean environments with microsensor technologies

Monitoring Earth’s oceans will soon be attainable with the development of groundbreaking microsensor technologies from TechOceanS.

Ensuring fish welfare in the aquaculture industry with SeaNest

SeaNest is a unique habitat for cleaner fish, ensuring their safety and health as they work to protect our salmon from parasitic sea lice.
Revolutionising the aquaculture industry using soy-based feed

Revolutionising the aquaculture industry using soy-based feed

Courtney Knupp of the U.S. Soybean Export Council speaks to Innovation News Network about how U.S. Soy can breathe new life into the aquaculture industry, improve sustainability, and enable growth.
shark denticles

How shark denticles may aid in coral reef conservation

Shark denticles may provide a coral reef conservation effect, inferring that the species may significantly impact ecosystems.
fish welfare in aquaculture

Ensuring fish welfare in aquaculture with new digital app

Marineholmen RASLab CEO Mark Powell discusses their newly developed app-based tool for monitoring fish welfare in aquaculture.
fish welfare

The evolving face of fish welfare in the aquaculture industry

In the world of fish welfare, Flatsetsund Engineering pioneer technology needed to eliminate sea lice and save the salmon industry.
mercury content fish

Studies indicate that mercury content in fish is increasing

Researchers at the University of Helsinki warn that a warming climate and intensifying land use are increasing mercury content in fish.
underwater robot

Investigating the mid-ocean twilight zone with underwater robot technology

The development of an underwater robot has enhanced researchers’ knowledge of the immense mid-ocean region dubbed the "twilight zone."
responsible seafood

Setting the standards for the future of responsible seafood

The ASC discusses how it develops and manages industry standards to ensure responsible seafood with minimal social and environmental impacts. 
Farmed seafood is a climate smart form of agriculture

Farmed seafood is a climate smart form of agriculture

With over 125 years’ experience in supporting the nation’s fisheries, NOAA Fisheries shares some of the work it is doing to ensure aquaculture has a positive impact on environmental, social, economic development.
aquaculture waste

Turning aquaculture waste into biomaterial for tissue repair

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have created a novel biomaterial made from aquaculture waste that could help in bone repair.
aquatic life

Aquatic Life Institute: safeguarding the welfare of aquatic animals

As our reliance on the fish farming industry grows, the Aquatic Life Institute discusses protecting the welfare of aquatic animals.

Discussing the global importance of the aquaculture industry

Dr Adam Hughes from SAMS discusses how aquaculture is evolving and the industry’s potential to contribute positively to the environment.
marine science

Ensuring the sustainable future of our oceans with marine science

Dr Matt Frost discusses the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and scientific evidence improving marine science policy.

Innovations in aquaculture helping to transform food industry

By providing a platform for new innovations in aquaculture, the Global Aquaculture Challenge is helping to transform the food industry.
Fish farming

Autonomous robots will change the fish farming industry

Daily net cleaning, inspection, big data, and analysis will fundamentally change fish farming. The future is closer than many might think.

Enhancing hatcheries by automating rotifer and algae production

Robert Roulston, CEO of Industrial Plankton, presents the company’s live feed equipment for efficient zooplankton and algae production.

Achieving sustainable aquaculture through enhancing accuracy

Aquabio’s groundbreaking real-time production and planning tool aims to enhance efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture.
Optimeering Aqua: using digital tools to optimise aquaculture

Optimeering Aqua: using digital tools to optimise aquaculture

By collaborating with leading aquacultural organisations and academics, Optimeering Aqua is creating digital tools to improve fish health and enhance aquaculture production.

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