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sustainable aquaculture innovation

SAIC transforms into a hub for sustainable aquaculture innovation

SAIC has announced a new strategic focus and an expanded geographical reach as it re-brands to the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre.
aquaculture system

New semi-closed containment aquaculture system combines land and ocean farming

FiiZK has developed a semi-closed containment aquaculture system which is much like a land-based system at sea, with solid outer wall.
vaccine for sea lice

New oral vaccine for sea lice to prevent parasites in Atlantic salmon

A team of experts is developing a vaccine for sea lice, helping the industry to tackle one of the biggest threats to Atlantic salmon.
land-based salmon farming

The first global salmon producer to invest in land-based salmon farming

Grieg Seafood has become the first global salmon producer to invest in land-based salmon farming following a joint venture.
environmental monitoring initiative

New environmental monitoring initiative to support Vietnamese shrimp and crab aquaculture

Vietnam has launched a new environmental monitoring initiative that will support shrimp and crab aquaculture in mangrove forests.
fishmeal and fish oil

Fish farming competition offers $100,000 for innovative fishmeal and fish oil feed substitutes

A competition, designed to accelerate the development of fishmeal and fish oil substitutes in feeds, is offering its applicants $100,000.
European aquaculture studies

European aquaculture studies lead to creation of cost-reducing automatic fish feeding system

A collection of European aquaculture studies has resulted in the development of a new automatic fish feeding system.
Antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture

Antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture could become an urgent crisis by 2030

According to Daniel Schar of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture is a growing cause for concern.
Whole genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing of herring to minimise overfishing

A team of scientists has characterised 53 herring populations from the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea using whole genome sequencing.
transmission of parasites

New study reveals new insight into the transmission of parasites in wild and farmed...

A large research consortium dedicated to studying the transmission of parasites in wild and farmed fish has published its latest results from the Canary...
water quality management system

Innovation in recirculating aquaculture systems and water quality management systems

Trond Vegger, CEO of Noras Watertech, outlines his company’s innovations in recirculating aquaculture systems, its water quality management system, its improved aquaponic solution, and the benefits they bring
alternative protein

A Scottish aquaculture startup wins contract to support alternative protein trials

SalmoSiman has secured its first commercial contract with Calysta, supporting trials for a sustainable alternative protein source.
cleaner fish

Innovation in maintaining the welfare of cleaner fish

SeaNest’s Trond Marøy and Espen Øvreeide discuss how they have optimised the habitat of cleaner fish to enhance their health and wellbeing
responsible aquaculture

Meeting global nutrition needs through responsible aquaculture

Aquaculture has a huge role to play in feeding the ever-increasing global population and technology is key to improving productivity while maintaining high welfare...
AI salmon farming

AI-powered production planners in salmon farming

Combining AI, machine learning and mathematical optimisation to drive the transition from experience-driven to knowledge-driven salmon farming
sustainable fish feed

Developing sustainable fish feed from food waste

Ingmar Høgøy, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Greentech Innovators AS, spoke to The Innovation Platform about the company’s innovative and sustainable fish feed solution for the aquaculture industry
aquaculture technology

Marineholmen RASLab AS – the future of aquaculture technology

Marineholmen RASLab AS explains how the innovation being developed by the company stand to shape the future of aquaculture technology.
sustainable aquaculture

Innovation in sustainable aquaculture

Steffen Kildal explains how Askvik Aqua AS is improving sustainability in aquaculture with novel simplicity and advanced Pulse Electric Field solutions
aquaculture in Peru

Minister announces that aquaculture in Peru could protect the economy

The Minister of Production in Peru, José Salardi, has announced that aquaculture in Peru could offer support to areas with fewer economic resources. This statement...
shells of crustaceans

Scientists manufacture Parkinson’s drug using the shells of crustaceans

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a novel method of turning the shells of crustaceans into drugs to treat Parkinson’s...

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