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Ultra-capacitors and the future of sustainable mobility

Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage at EIT InnoEnergy, explains why ultra-capacitors will be critical for the transition towards electrification...
Energy storage solutions

Energy storage solutions for electric vehicles

Guest author, Jona Blue, discusses the wider adoption of electric vehicles in the UK and which energy storage solutions have the highest potential.
redox flow battery

Research engineers create a sustainable, organic redox flow battery

Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University, have created an organic redox flow battery, with a large capacity to store energy from...

BATTERY 2030+: innovation in battery materials and sensor technology

The European research initiative BATTERY 2030+ aims to make Europe a world-leader in the development and production of the batteries. Technology developed under BATTERY 2030+...
spent lithium-ion batteries

Using food waste to extract precious metals from spent lithium-ion batteries

Research led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has developed a method of extracting precious metals from lithium-ion batteries, using waste orange peel. The team created...
electrode drying

New electrode drying process to improve lithium-ion cell production

The Federal Ministry of Research in Germany has invested €3m into the EPIC project, which aims to improve the electrode drying process for lithium-ion...
sustainable energy storage

EU project aims to develop new types of sustainable energy storage

The EU funded BIG-MAP project aims to significantly shorten the time it takes to develop new types of batteries, with a focus of sustainable...

An innovative approach for enhancing the lifetime and safety of batteries

Dr Carlos Ziebert, head of IAM-AWP’s Calorimeter Center, KIT, explains how battery calorimeters can help researchers enhance the lifetime and safety of batteries. Established in...
high-capacity lithium batteries

Increasing energy densities in high-capacity lithium batteries

A team of researchers from Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has developed a processing technology for amplifying energy densities of high-capacity lithium...
energy storage

Innovation in energy storage could end our dependency on fossil fuels

For sustainable energy to become widely adopted, researchers need to confirm the safety, sustainability, and availability of energy storage methods. Since the discovery of electricity,...

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