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ESG in Ecuador: Bioleaching is the catalyst

Ross Orr, President & CEO of BacTech Environmental Corp, describes how the company embraces environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals aided by its bioleaching...

Scientists investigate the salinisation of river and lake ecosystems

A collaborative research team including the University of Barcelona analysed the current knowledge regarding salinisation and created a guideline to improve the understanding of...

Unleashing the shredder: Understanding cellular maintenance

Dr Björn M Burmann, from the University of Gothenburg, outlines the cellular clean-up process from a molecular level. In the real world, waste is normally...
Apex predator

Apex predators help to reduce climate change impacts on biodiversity

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin and Hokkaido University researched the impacts of apex predators in mitigating climate change impacts on biodiversity loss. According to new...

Scientists reveal patterns in contemporary evolution theory

A new global dataset gathered by researchers has uncovered the various factors that have influenced the contemporary evolution theory such as, human disturbances and...
Marine biology research

The use of Artificial Intelligence in marine biology research

Marine biologist at the University of Agder (UiA), Kim Tallaksen Halvorsen, labels the marine biology research being done using sonar, camera and Artificial Intelligence...
Biodiversity loss

Scientists urge for drastic measures to mitigate biodiversity loss

A collection of scientists from bioDiscovery and the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON), outline their key framework to help relieve...

Scientists reveal that ammonium is beneficial for pine root growth

Researchers from the University of Malaga (UM) conducted a study investigating the benefits of ammonium, one of which being the development of a specific...
CO2 concentration

CO2 concentration is affecting the photosynthesis of peat-forming mosses

Scientists from Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have explored how a rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration is globally affecting the...

Study on salmon’s noses reveals magnetic perception across life

Scientists committed a study, analysing the sensory mechanisms in salmon to understand exactly how magnetic perception works. Magnetic perception It’s widely understood in the scientific community...

Genome turned off in CLASSY gene diversifies epigenomes

Researchers from Salk Institute for Biological Studies (SIBS) have discovered that the CLASSY gene family regulates which parts of the genome are turned off...
Late Ordovician Mass Extinction

Researchers uncover cause for the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction

Florida State University researchers discover that low oxygen and sulphide in the oceans had effected the environmental conditions that characterised the Late Ordovician Mass...

Bleached coral reefs continue to supply nutritious food for fisheries

A study led by Lancaster University finds that despite damage, bleached coral reefs are still supporting the ecosystems of diverse small-scale fisheries; the fish...
Darwin's finches

Darwin’s finches evolve to ward off avian vampire fly

Experts from Flinders University studied Darwin’s finches on Galápagos Islands and found females that spend longer inside the nest can ward off deadly larvae...
Using space to understand aging in muscles 

Using space to understand aging in muscles 

Scientists at the University of Liverpool, funded by the UK Space Agency, are utilising space to understand aging in muscles and why it occurs.  Due to...
brain functioning

General anaesthesia does not impact brain function

A study found that patient factors such as a history of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, smoking, and educational level, have more of...

Aquatic ecosystem services: From concept to economic valuation

The University of Waterloo’s Ecohydrology Research Group and Water Resources Economics Research Group detail how vital it is to optimise our aquatic ecosystem services, ensuring...
biomass fuel

Going beyond fossil fuels: converting biomass and solid waste into fuels

Biofuels and other biochemicals based on lignocellulosic biomass and municipal solid waste are part of the solution of the future.
Groundbreaking technique boosts artificial photosynthesis

Groundbreaking technique boosts artificial photosynthesis

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, have developed a technique to boost artificial photosynthesis, thus enabling greater energy generation.

Transforming food production with VTT’s cellular agriculture solutions

VTT is transforming the future of food production with novel cellular agriculture solutions that are more local, ethical, and sustainable. What if coffee could be...

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