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Dark matter linked to the slowing spin of Milky Way’s galactic bar

The spin of the Milky Way’s galactic bar has slowed by about a quarter since its formation, a new study has found. Despite astrophysicists having...
Universe is expanding

New data on speed in which Universe is expanding

Determining how rapidly the Universe is expanding is key to our cosmic fate, however, the current data is conflicting with previous estimates.
solar-mass black holes

The mysterious origins of solar-mass black holes

Scientists led by the KIPMU have established the origins of solar-mass black holes and their connection to dark matter.
stellar kinematics

Astrophysicists use stellar kinematics to investigate dark matter distribution

A team of researchers have investigated the strength of dark matter scattered across the smallest galaxies in the Universe using stellar kinematics.
fifth dimension

New theory suggests the existence of a fifth dimension could explain dark matter

Theoretical physicists speculate that the existence of a fifth dimension could solve many open questions in physics.
X-ray emissions

Scientists suggest newly detected X-ray emissions from neutron stars could be evidence of axions

As published in Physical Review Letters, evidence of long-sought hypothetical particles, known as axions, could be found in X-ray emissions.
gravitational lensing

Astrophysicists mitigate gravitational lensing using self-calibration methods

Scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, have demonstrated the first use of self-calibration to remove contamination from gravitational lensing signals, paving...
amount of matter

Cosmologists successfully measure the amount of matter in the Universe

A team led by scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), USA, has precisely measured the total amount of matter in the Universe. As...
Early Universe cosmology

Early Universe cosmology: theoretical models and observational data

Mairi Sakellariadou, Professor of Theoretical Physics at King’s College London, discusses her research into early Universe cosmology. Professor Mairi Sakellariadou’s research into theoretical physics and...

Mimicking antideuteron production in space at CERN

Caitlin Magee of Innovation News Network speaks to Luciano Musa, senior physicist at CERN, about his latest work mimicking antideuteron production. Deuterium is one of...
mass of neutrinos

Searching for mysterious dark matter particles and the mass of neutrinos

Solving the common puzzles of cosmology, dark matter particles, and the mass of neutrinos using sensitive experiments requires continuous technological progress and, in particular,...

Technology in relativistic heavy ion collider physics research

Professor John W Harris, from Yale University’s Wright Laboratory, outlines the development of accelerator technologies and the evolution in relativistic heavy ion collider physics...
mix matter with light

New material can mix matter with light

A team of researchers at Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Hamburg, and Universidade Federaldo Ceará have developed a new material, demonstrating that they can mix...

Astrophysicists have created the largest 3D map of the Universe

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has published a comprehensive analysis of the largest three-dimensional map of the Universe, revealing that six billion years...
dark energy

CEA – dark matter and dark energy shape the Universe

Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille explains how the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) will be able to address several of the most challenging questions of cosmology and...
New Physics

CERN, LHCb, Syracuse University and the search for New Physics

Physicists from Syracuse University, working at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC), discuss their involvement in the LHCb experiment and the search for evidence...
Dark matter

The connection between galaxy size and dark matter

Based on satellite galaxy simulations, scientist have made a stronger connection between the size of galaxies and the dark matter halos that surround them. Large...
A new view of the high-energy sky

Studying the origin of cosmic rays for a new view of the high-energy sky

The University of Maryland’s Department of Physics explores the high-energy universe with the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory. One of the great mysteries of the last...

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