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Manufacturing industrially applicable materials from CO2

Novel method turns CO2 into a precious industrial material called silicon carbide, turning greenhouse gas emissions into economic resources.
water quality

Using Artificial Intelligence to effectively monitor water quality

Researchers at the University of Stirling have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor water quality more effectively.
crop irrigation

Technological improvements in precision crop irrigation

Scientists at University of Illinois have identified solutions that could lead to technological advancements in precision crop irrigation.
pig farming

Making the pig farming industry more environmentally friendly

Researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have developed a system for treating wastewater from pig farming, making the industry more sustainable.
biodegradable plastics

Breaking down biodegradable plastics with new and faster process

Scientists have developed a way to break down biodegradable plastics in only a few weeks using just water and heat.

Lowering CO2 emissions through the use of a new perovskite catalyst

The development of a novel perovskite catalyst may potentially pioneer new technology in the battle against C02 emissions.

The world’s fastest exfoliation of a photomechanical material

Researchers say they have manufactured the world's fastest ever exfoliation of a photomechanical material, changing mechanics as we know it.
plastic in the ocean

Using technology to identify sources of plastic in the ocean

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are working to create a model that will tackle the problem of plastic in the ocean, showing where it collects and where it comes from.
renewable fuels

Renewable fuels and the Flameless Ceramic Turbine: towards the net-zero future

Toby Gill, CEO of Intelligent Power Generation, explains how the Flameless Ceramic Turbine can unlock the roadmap to renewable fuels and enable businesses to end their reliance on the diesel generator.
Sustainable Development Goals UN

NOVA University: achieving the Sustainable Development Goals with interdisciplinary research

NOVA University Lisbon, a comprehensive young European public higher education institution, promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research that will help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
LIFE programme

LIFE programme invests €121m into environment, nature, and climate action projects

The European Commission has announced an investment of €121m for new integrated projects under the LIFE programme.

E-fuels project awarded €3.3m to develop high-temperature electrolysers

A €3.3m research project will boost the synthesis concept of e-fuels and the commercial readiness of high-temperature electrolysers.

Innovating hydrogen fuel technology with MAXIMATOR

MAXIMATOR discusses its innovative hydrogen fuel technology, including its solutions for hydrogen compression, dispense, and storage. Hydrogen fuel can be produced through several methods. The...
climate action

New Green Consumption Pledge encourages companies to participate in climate action

The European Commission has launched its new Green Consumption Pledge, to inspire organisations to participate in climate action.
carbon capture and conversion

Increasing the efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems

Researchers have developed a method that could significantly boost the efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems. Carbon capture and conversion systems for carbon dioxide...
biodegradable electronic displays

New biodegradable electronic displays to minimise waste medical electronics

Scientists have produced the first biodegradable electronic displays to help the electronics industry adopt a sustainable lifecycle.
circular economy in the UK

New research hub to boost the circular economy in the UK

The University of Exeter’s research hub will spearhead efforts to create a sustainable, circular economy in the UK and boost sustainability.
post-pandemic recovery fund

Poland’s share of EU post-pandemic recovery funds to prioritise sustainability and digital economy

Poland has announced that it will spend 30% of its EU post-pandemic recovery funds on the Green Deal and 25% on the digital economy.
energy storage for transport

Study on a carbon catalyst for fuel cells could lead to wider adoption of...

Researchers have identified the nitrogen atoms in the catalyst of a fuel cell that will optimise renewable energy storage for transport.
transparent solar cell

New transparent solar cell could increase the adoption of renewable energy

A team of researchers, based in Korea, have developed a transparent solar cell using titanium dioxide and nickel oxide.

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