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green jobs UK

£40m in funding for boosting green jobs and nature recovery in the UK

Projects have received a total of £40m in grants to facilitate 2,500 green jobs, plant nearly one million trees and boost the UK's nature recovery.

Floating offshore wind energy opens up an ocean of possibilities

Dr Axelle Viré, Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), discusses the opportunities and challenges brought by floating offshore wind farms. Existing large-scale...
Eliminating the dangers of lead from perovskite solar cells

Eliminating the dangers posed by lead in perovskite solar cells 

Researchers from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have discovered a way of using phosphate salt to mitigate the dangerous impact of lead in perovskite solar cells. 
Innovating the future of wind energy

Developing an innovative and future facing wind turbine system

American Wind Inc has created a wind turbine system different to anything ever seen on the market. It can bring clean, secure, renewable energy that is finally affordable for companies and utilities to invest in.
Is stand-alone renewable energy and clean water production possible?

Is stand-alone renewable energy and clean water production possible?

Blue Power Synergy is working towards the creation of stand-alone renewable energy systems to produce not only electricity but also clean water.
organic solar cells

Groundbreaking technology heightens organic solar cells’ performance

Researchers working at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) have developed a novel technology that can enhance the efficiency of organic solar cells.
wind turbine blades

Banning the landfill of wind turbine blades in Europe

WindEurope has appealed for a landfill ban on decommissioned wind turbine blades across the continent by 2025.
photovoltaic cell

New electrode coating boosts performance of a photovoltaic cell

A KAUST led study has revealed that a single-molecule layer electrode coating can boost the performance of an organic photovoltaic cell.
€17.5 billion for fair and inclusive green transition in Europe

€17.5 billion for fair and inclusive green transition in Europe

The European Council has adopted a new regulation establishing a €17.5 billion fund to ensure that Europe’s green transition is fair and inclusive.
plastic in the ocean

Using technology to identify sources of plastic in the ocean

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are working to create a model that will tackle the problem of plastic in the ocean, showing where it collects and where it comes from.

Peatlands and climate change: from threat to cure

Sustainable management of peatlands and mitigating climate change: Waterloo’s Ecohydrology Research Group helps close key knowledge gaps. Peatlands are a valuable but vulnerable natural resource....
fusion power

Groundbreaking steps toward developing fusion power plants

Results from UK experiment indicate a solution to the challenges of fusion and are vital for the development of fusion power plants.
solar panel efficiency

Enhancing the efficiency of solar panels with holographic light

A recently developed holographic light collector increases the efficiency of solar panels with an energy conversion increase of around 5% over a year.

Sustainable Materials Research and Technologies

The SMaRT research group at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology runs a comprehensive programme for the development sustainable materials and technologies, including energy...

Smart financing Britain’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Brian Foster, Head of Industry Finance at Siemens Financial Services, UK, discusses how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be financed in order to play a role in Britain’s zero carbon future.
Fossil fuel emissions may be skewing data from marine ecosystems

Fossil fuel emissions may be skewing data from marine ecosystems

A novel tool has been developed that will enable scientists to determine how centuries of fossil fuel emissions may be distorting the data they collect from marine ecosystems.  
shipping sector

ECSA: Achieving a green and digital shipping sector

ECSA’s Secretary General, Martin Dorsman, spoke to Innovation News Network's International Editor, Clifford Holt, about issues such as the digitalisation of the shipping sector – and the challenges of achieving the digital transition – and the impact of the European Green Deal.
renewable energy

Energy target sparks French renewable energy revolution

New EU policy has prompted France to innovate its renewable energy strategy, with the aims of becoming Europe’s leaders in green energy.
Novel enzyme system for the hydrogen industry

Novel enzyme system for the hydrogen industry

An international research team has discovered an enzyme system for the hydrogen industry that can produce hydrogen using electricity and vice versa.
fuel cell

Successful hydroxide ion conductivity improves fuel cell performance

Researchers have successfully performed hydroxide ion conductivity, potentially advancing anion exchange membrane fuel cell technology.

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