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equity investment

Announcing the first equity investment through the European Innovation Council Fund

The European Commission has announced the first round of direct equity investment for science and development, worth €178m.

An innovator’s guide to European funding programmes

Innovation News Network brings you an easy to use guide to help you understand the inner workings of Europe's most talked about funding programmes. The...
COVID-19 recovery

European Union offers innovators €314m to support COVID-19 recovery

Drawing from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Horizon 2020, The European Union has awarded €314m to innovators that intend to aid Europe’s recovery...
digital future

The European Commission plans for a bright digital future

The European Commission have unveiled their strategy to transform digital innovation within EU member states in order to develop better, more sustainable technology. The European...
Green innovation

EC has announced further funding for green innovation

European Commission has announced the increase of funding for game-changing green innovation while also pushing support to woman-led companies. After the European Commission significantly increased...
deadlines for EIC pilot

Key 2020 dates and deadlines for EIC pilot funding opportunities

The EIC pilot offers funding to innovative entrepreneurs and organisations in order to drive economic growth with strict deadlines for funding scattered throughout 2020. The...
small-scale farming system

Small-scale farming systems to promote biodiversity

Based on the historic ‘forest gardens’ Guadeloupe, researchers have created a concept for a small-scale farming system in order to promote sustainable agricultural production...

EU project to create a precise Alzheimer’s diagnosis instrument

This September will mark the launch of EU Horizon 2020 project DECIDE which aims to develop and launch an e-service for the early diagnosis...
Silk worm

EU project adapted spider and worm silks to create bio-plastics

A research project, funded by Horizon 2020, has developed a biobased polymer using silks from spiders and worms to potentially complete the existing thermoplastics...

What does the EIC hope for the future?

We spoke with the head of the European Innovation Council’s advisory board, Professor Mark Ferguson, about his hopes for how the EIC will function...
Scientific development post-brexit

How to avoid damage to scientific development post-Brexit

Wellcome Trust suggests that the EU and UK negotiate research deals in order to avoid damaging the research and development sector. Because of delays in...
Coronavirus research

European Commission to spend €10m on coronavirus research

The European Commission (EC) is prioritising research into the coronavirus as €10m from Horizon 2020 is to be used to fund coronavirus research projects. The...
Heart valve

Heart valve technology receives €2.2m from EIC pilot

Novostia, a project based on heart valve technology, have announced it will be awarded €2.5m from the European Union’s highly competitive EIC Accelerator. The EIC...
EIC funding pilot

The ultimate guide to the European Innovation Council

The Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot is designed to support innovators, small companies and scientists to progress their research and innovations. With aims to...

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