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electric vehicle charging

150 rapid electric vehicle charging hubs announced for the UK

Osprey Charging has revealed that it will be building 150 high-powered electric vehicle charging hubs all over the UK by 2025.

Italvolt signs purchasing agreement to develop giant gigafactory in Italy

Italvolt has signed a purchasing agreement for one million square metres of land in Scarmagno to advance the development of its gigafactory.
electric vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group and NTU enter collaboration to advance electric vehicles

The Hyundai Motor Group and NTU have announced they will be collaborating on projects to refine the manufacturing of electric vehicles.
energy storage

Metrology and standards for the UK energy storage industry

Dr Juyeon Park of the National Physical Laboratory discusses the development and commercialisation of high energy density batteries.
electric vehicles tariff

Novel electric vehicle tariff will cut EV charging costs by 70%

Following a successful trial earlier this year, OVO Energy is launching a unique economical electric vehicle tariff for EV drivers.
electric vehicle charging

ORNL award license for wireless electric vehicle charging technology

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has announced that it has licensed its wireless electric vehicle charging technology to HEVO.
solid-state batteries

UK organisations collaborate to advance prototype solid-state batteries

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by a consortium of seven UK-based organisations to enhance solid-state batteries.
zero-emission mobility

Putting cities at the heart of the transition to zero-emission mobility

Thomas Lymes, Policy Advisor at Eurocities, spoke to International Editor Clifford Holt about the EU’s revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive and the role that cities can play in Europe’s transition to zero-emission mobility.
green automotive technology

£91m funding for green automotive technology innovation

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced government and industry funding of £91m for green automotive technology, including hydrogen engines and ultra-fast charging electric vehicle batteries.
eco battery

Morrow – fuelling the green transition with eco battery technologies

Morrow Batteries AS is positioning itself as a world-leader in the development of sustainable and cost-effective eco battery technologies.
rare Earth minerals

Greenland mine provides unique green opportunity for rare earth minerals

Eclipse Metals is uncovering the exceptional potential of the unique Ivittuut mine site in Greenland, which it acquired earlier this year.
geothermal fluid

Geothermal Engineering Ltd announces record-breaking levels of lithium in geothermal fluid

Geothermal Engineering Ltd has confirmed the discovery of the world’s highest global concentration of lithium in geothermal fluid, which could boost efforts to sustainability...
battery gigafactory

Verkor: developing the biggest gigafactory in Europe

Benoit Lemaignan, CEO of Verkor, explains their approach in making Europe a key player in batteries, including the Verkor Innovation Centre and the construction of their first gigafactory.

Graphite and battery research on the road to net zero

Professor Magda Titirici, outlines the role of graphite in battery technology and how the latest research is helping to shape and achieve net zero targets.
electric vehicles

Altilium: Supplying sustainable nickel for the revolution of electric vehicles

Altilium generate high levels of nickel with minimal environmental impact to fuel the green revolution of electric vehicles.
Electric public transport: facilitating greener cities in Europe

Electric public transport: facilitating greener cities in Europe

As cities move towards all electric public transport, Kempower are providing the solutions to make the dream of green cities a reality.

Renault Group announces ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ partnership

Renault Group has announced its partnership with Vulcan Energy’s ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ project, a major step in electric vehicle production.
Building next-generation batteries for electric vehicles

Building next-generation batteries for electric vehicles

£10m funding has been announced for 17 projects to develop next-generation batteries for electric vehicles, making them safer, cheaper, faster-charging and more recyclable.
lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide for the European battery industry

How AMG Lithium will contribute to securing a sustainable supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide for the emerging European battery industry
Groundbreaking fully autonomous mobile charging robot independently charges electric vehicles

Groundbreaking autonomous mobile robot charges electric vehicles 

A novel mobile charging robot developed by Graz University of Technology, ALVERI and ARTI Robots, independently seeks out parked electric vehicles and supplies them with energy. This development aims to promote the widespread use of e-mobility. 

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