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exoplanet atmospheres

Classifying exoplanet atmospheres to open new field of study

Researchers have identified and classified populations of similar exoplanet atmospheres in order to improve our knowledge of planetary formation. An international team of researchers examined...
hot Jupiters

Hot Jupiters reveal new insights into seasons on exoplanets

Observations of hot Jupiter exoplanets could advance our knowledge of seasons on planets outside our solar system as well as their planet origins and...

Surveying new skies with the James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope will revolutionise our understanding of the atmospheres of planets found orbiting other stars. Since the first detection of a planet...
Earth-sized planets

Half of all Earth-sized planets in the Universe remain undiscovered

A study has indicated that exoplanet surveying strategies may be missing nearly 50% of the Earth-size planets situated around other stars.
alien life as we know it

Alien life as we know it may have already discovered Earth

Astronomers have identified thousands of nearby star systems where alien life as we know it may have already detected humanity.

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