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EIT launches search for agrifood entrepreneurs to help transform the world food system

EIT Food has launched a search to find the next 100 agrifood entrepreneurs who can help transform the world food system to be healthier, innovative, and more sustainable.
biomimetic tongue

Researchers create the first-ever 3D printed biomimetic tongue

Researchers led by the University of Leeds, UK, have used 3D printing technology to produce a synthetic material with a tongue-like texture, creating the...
sustainable food system

Farm to fork to be incorporated into the European sustainable food system

The Council of the European Union has announced a set of conclusions for its farm to fork strategy, stressing the importance of a European...
nutrition security

Land-based aquaculture’s relationship with nutrition security

As climate change threatens global food supplies, innovators look to land-based aquaculture as a solution to increasing nutrition security. As sea temperatures peak and our...
Rice production

Rice production under climate change

Members of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan, have been conducting ‘Free-Air CO2 Enrichment’ experiments to ascertain the impact that climate change...
development of biomaterials

The use of food waste in the development of biomaterials

Innovation News Network's digital editor, Caitlin Magee, explores the role of food waste in the development of biomaterials. 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste enters...
Fisheries Bill

UK Fisheries Bill: What is next for British fishing and aquaculture?

Next month, the British Government will conduct a second reading of the new Fisheries Bill, offering more decision-making powers to devolved administrations. As the UK...
innovation network

UK-based innovation network to address environmental challenges

An innovation network, named KTN, has launched a new strategy to address some of Britain’s greatest environmental and societal challenges. The UK’s largest innovation network,...
funding for sustainable aquaculture

2021 to 2027 – a new era of funding for sustainable aquaculture

As this funding period draws to an end, Europe will see a variety of new opportunities for research and development. The European Commission have...

Aquaculture in Europe: fishery funding and COVID-19 support

In 2020, approximately 20% of funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund has been invested in the aquaculture sector, but how has this...

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