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chemical industry

European chemical industry: Increasing sustainability and digitisation

Cefic’s Executive Director for Innovation, Pierre Barthelemy, spoke to The Innovation Platform about the clear role of the chemical industry in enabling Europe to...
spent lithium-ion batteries

Using food waste to extract precious metals from spent lithium-ion batteries

Research led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has developed a method of extracting precious metals from lithium-ion batteries, using waste orange peel. The team created...
seaweed-based bioplastics

Sustainable innovation – the rise of seaweed-based bioplastics in Europe

The raw materials used in bioplastics compete for land and resources with food crops, however the development of seaweed-based bioplastics can offer a solution...
Sustainable innovation

Sustainable innovation and the role of interdisciplinary collaboration

Florent Allais from AgroParisTech speaks to The Innovation Platform about the importance of combining biotechnologies, green chemistry, and downstream processes when fostering sustainable innovation. Faced...
hydrogen fuel cells

Graphene can be used to increase the durability of hydrogen fuel cells

A new paper suggests that chemically altered graphene can be used to increase the durability of hydrogen fuel cells for cars. The paper, published in...
hydrogen sulfide

Solving the problem of hydrogen sulfide on a fish farm

Blue Unit’s Lab Station gives fish farmers sufficient data to act against unstable levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ensuring fish health and productivity. On many...
hydrogen fuel

New catalyst can perform three reactions needed for hydrogen fuel

A team of researchers, based in Japan, have developed a new catalyst that can assist three chemical reactions used in the hydrogen fuel industry. Hydrogen...
gas-filtering membranes

Scientists create gas-filtering membranes using machine learning

Using machine learning and synthetic chemistry, a team of scientists have successfully created new gas-filtering membranes. Developed by scientists at the University of South Carolina...

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