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Using laser-induced graphene to enhance flexible electronics

Using laser-induced graphene to enhance flexible electronics

Researchers at Penn State have experimented with laser-induced graphene designs to develop advanced flexible electronics for wearable health devices.

Cell-based regenerative therapies for maxillofacial bone defects

A collaboration of engineers, biomedical scientists, and clinicians in the Netherlands has recently reached a breakthrough in cell-based bone regenerative therapies. Although bone has a...
UK science funding boost worth £113m will support future science leaders

UK science funding boost worth £113m will support future science leaders

Almost 100 of the UK’s next-generation of science leaders will be granted a total £113m science funding boost to facilitate the commercialisation of their innovations and tackle global challenges from the climate crisis to chronic illness.
Transforming fundamental science into real-world solutions\

Transforming fundamental science into real-world solutions

STFC announces seven novel projects that will transform fundamental science into real-world solutions in areas such as medicine, nuclear security and air pollution, are in progress.
one health approach

One Health approach: a symphony of effort … a health exigency worldwide

The One Health Initiative’s Dr Bruce Kaplan calls for a worldwide fully-fledged institutional implementation of the One Health approach as envisioned and embraced by many realistic visionary advocates.
Harnessing data for better cancer care

Harnessing data for better cancer care

Eduardo Pisani, CEO of All.can International, discusses the cancer organisation’s recently-published landmark report entitled Harnessing data for better cancer care.
Groundbreaking CLEAR study will facilitate electron-based cancer therapy

Groundbreaking CLEAR study to facilitate electron-based cancer therapy

A novel study conducted at CERN’s CLEAR test facility paves the way for novel electron-based cancer therapy using high-energy electron beams that can be focused onto deep-seated cancerous tumours.
stem cell technology

Creating mammalian life through stem cell technology

Scientists have successfully reproduced mammalian life through a novel in vitro procedure that utilises stem cell technology.
3D bioprinting

Generating functional cartilage tissue by 3D bioprinting stem cells

A team of Swedish researchers have devised an innovative method to produce functional cartilage by 3D bioprinting stem cells. Today, several hundreds of millions of...
computer vision

Computer vision with AI may revolutionise IVF treatment

A new study has indicated that the combination of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may enhance IVF treatment.
long-period space flight

Analysing the effects of long-period space flight on cardiac atrophy

Novel research conducted on mouse models may help to combat cardiac atrophy experienced by astronauts during long-period space flight.
viral infections

Microscopy and machine learning algorithm can predict viral infections

Researchers at the University of Zurich have used fluorescence microscopy and machine learning to recognise cells with viral infections.
science and technology

UK government announces UK science and technology ambitions

Boris Johnson has announced the government’s new strategy for turning the United Kingdom into a global superpower of science and technology.
cardiac surgery

Robot-assisted cardiac surgery protects human operator health

A novel robot has potentially changed the landscape of future cardiac surgery, mitigating fatigue and radiation exposure for human operators.
predictive model

Combatting pandemics with Artificial Intelligence-based predictive model

Scientists have developed an innovative predictive model that employs AI to calculate the likelihood of viruses spreading from animals.
custom medical devices

3D printing custom medical devices to boost performance

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed a novel 3D printing method, boosting the performance of custom medical devices and increasing their bacterial resistance.
3D bioprinter

Enhancing the pharmaceutical industry with 3D bioprinter technology

A group of nanoengineers has manufactured a highly efficient 3D bioprinter that will potentially transform the landscape of drug development.
insulin production

Regulating insulin production with smartwatch enhancements

A team of scientists have developed an innovative strategy for manipulating insulin production that utilises the commonly used smartwatch.
language recovery

Predicting language recovery using computer simulations

Researchers at Boston University (BU) have used computer simulations of the brain to predict language recovery in stroke survivors.
machine learning algorithms

Identifying natural product medications with machine learning algorithms

Machine learning algorithms will potentially advance the search for natural product drugs for cancers, viral infections, and other conditions.

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