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Lithium Power International: Pioneering the lithium supply chain

Industry-leading energy company Lithium Power International (LPI) is advancing their Maricunga brine project in Chile, a significant enhancement to the lithium supply chain. Adversity often...

Assessing the environmental impact of spodumene mining and processing

Dr John L Burba, CEO of International Battery Metals Inc, highlights the need to focus on the environmental impact of spodumene mining and the wider lithium production industry.
geothermal fluid

Geothermal Engineering Ltd announces record-breaking levels of lithium in geothermal fluid

Geothermal Engineering Ltd has confirmed the discovery of the world’s highest global concentration of lithium in geothermal fluid, which could boost efforts to sustainability...
Lithium Power International

Lithium Power International – the electric future is here now

Lithium Power International Ltd.’s Andrew Phillips discusses how the company is meeting the future electric vehicle lithium demand.
Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto invest $2.4bn into the world’s largest greenfield lithium project

Global mining industry experts Rio Tinto have pledged $2.4bn into one of the world’s largest greenfield lithium projects.
lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide for the European battery industry

How AMG Lithium will contribute to securing a sustainable supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide for the emerging European battery industry
critical minerals

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.: Critical minerals for clean technology

President and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc., Donald Bubar, discusses the company’s strategy to sustainably produce critical minerals.
Utilising tamarind shells as an energy source for vehicles 

Utilising tamarind shells as an energy source for vehicles 

An international consortium of scientists has discovered a novel way to convert tamarind shells into an energy source for vehicles. 
lithium extraction

Meeting energy demands with seawater lithium extraction

Researchers have developed an innovative method of lithium extraction that utilises the most abundant yet elusive source on Earth, seawater.
electric vehicles

United Lithium: ensuring Europe’s supply chain for electric vehicles

United Lithium is a lithium exploration company aiming to support the European Battery Gigafactories built for electric vehicles.

Providing solutions for the lithium-ion battery demand

As lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle markets grow, so too does the demand for LIB nickel. Queensland Pacific Metals hold the solution.
hard-rock lithium

AVZ on track to develop world’s largest hard-rock lithium project

Manono is the largest and highest grade undeveloped hard-rock lithium project in the world, and AVZ aims to ensure it is 100% ‘green’. Australian-listed AVZ...
sustainable lithium mining

The Valjevo Project and the sustainable mining of lithium and borates

Euro Lithium speaks to Innovation News Network about its long-term vision for sustainable mining with the Valjevo Project. Lithium and borates will play an essential...
lithium carbonate

British Lithium Limited: powering our future with lithium carbonate

British Lithium Limited is making significant progress in its plan to produce battery-grade lithium carbonate from Cornish granite.

Lithium – the key to our energy transformation

International battery metals (IBAT) and its partners are dedicated to bringing about a green lithium extraction revolution.
lithium-rich battery materials

Using X-rays to study lithium-rich battery materials

An international team working at Berkeley Lab has used an X-ray instrument to learn about lithium-rich battery materials.
lithium drilling

United Lithium Corp reveals three-phase lithium drilling programme

United Lithium Corp has announced its three-phase lithium drilling programme that is due to start after its acquisition of Bergby Lithium Project from Leading Edge Materials Corp.
Building an environmentally responsible lithium supply chain for the UK

Building an environmentally responsible lithium supply chain for the UK

Cornish Lithium outlines the importance of establishing a secure and environmentally responsible supply of lithium for the UK as part of the transition to...

Cornish Lithium uses innovation to extract vital battery metals

Cornish Lithium is using modern technology to evaluate the potential to responsibly extract vital battery metals in Cornwall, UK, from both geothermal waters and the rocks which underlie the county.
uk lithium supply

UK lithium supply necessary for EV growth

Domestic lithium supply chains in the UK and the EU are a growing priority to support clean energy and electric vehicles. As the world transitions...

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