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antifouling paints

EMSA on the dangers of antifouling paints

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) spoke to Innovation News Network’s digital editor, Caitlin Magee, about the dangers of organotin antifouling paints and how...
Fisheries Bill

UK Fisheries Bill: What is next for British fishing and aquaculture?

Next month, the British Government will conduct a second reading of the new Fisheries Bill, offering more decision-making powers to devolved administrations. As the UK...
bacteria in oysters

Engineering professor uses satellites to detect deadly bacteria in oysters

NASA and the Louisiana Board of Regents have awarded  $1.5m to a Louisiana State University (LSU) professor for his work developing a method of...
marine science

Marine science – solving modern sustainability challenges

Matt Frost, Deputy Director and Head of Policy at the Marine Biological Association, highlights the importance of marine science for sustainable development. On 31 March...
autonomous shipping

The benefits of autonomous shipping technologies

Autonomous shipping technologies have the potential to transform the trade sector by increasing sustainability and minimising vessel collision. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Maintaining water quality with sustainable ship antifouling

Traditional antifouling paints for ships are toxic and can harm ocean biodiversity. A new film, developed to protect the hull of a ship, can...

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