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Answering the big questions about big subduction zone earthquakes

Professor Kevin P Furlong from the Geodynamics Research Group at Geosciences Penn State discusses subduction zone earthquakes. Earthquakes in subduction zones, where two tectonic plates...
droughts in Europe

Shocking study reveals extreme regional summer droughts in Europe could double

New research indicates that climate change could result in a staggering doubling of the frequency of extreme regional summer droughts in Europe.
flood mapping

FloodSENS: Taking a look at the flood mapping of the future

Ben Gaffinet, Applied Physicist at RSS-Hydro, explains how Machine Learning can help create valuable flood maps to support disaster response.
RSS Hydro: developing effective disaster risk management strategies

RSS Hydro: developing effective disaster risk management strategies

RSS Hydro Geoscientist & UAV Pilot, Margherita Bruscolini, discusses the necessity of understanding the components of disaster risk and how this will facilitate the...
European storms

European storms exacerbated by the effects of climate change

A team of climate experts has identified that European storms will be significantly intensified in the coming years due to climate change.
carbon accounting

Carbon accounting may be inaccurate due to impacts of floods

A global analysis has revealed that floods may be as influential on plants' carbon uptake as droughts, impacting carbon accounting methods.
viral infections

Scientists discover a schedule for Earth’s major geological events

A team of researchers has discovered that the Earth's geological activity follows a distinctive pattern, giving it a lifelike "pulse".
climate change effects

G7 announce novel action plan to combat climate change effects

The G7 2021 summit has initiated a new action plan to scale up safety for the most vulnerable communities against climate change effects.

Action required to stop climate change exacerbated floods

Climate experts have signalled that climate change will continue to intensify extreme rainfall and floods if vital action is not taken.

Natural disasters: exposing inequalities in society

Margherita Bruscolini, Geoscientist & UAV Pilot at RSS-Hydro examines how natural disasters expose the stark inequalities in society between the wealthy and poor, and...
landslide tsunami

Detection of landslide tsunamis enhanced by simulation method

Researchers have invented a method that is capable of simulating landslide tsunamis, enhancing the understanding of the natural disaster.
radar satellites

Using radar satellites to protect against bushfires and floods

Researchers at Curtin University have discovered that radar satellites can enhance the ability to protect against natural disasters.
Unusual strike-slip earthquake uncovers hidden mechanism

Unusual strike-slip earthquake uncovers hidden mechanism

Researchers believe that a newly discovered hidden mechanism is the reason behind an unexpected Alaskan strike-slip earthquake. The team, consisting of Kevin P. Furlong, Professor...
flooded buildings

Using Artificial Intelligence to identify flooded buildings

A research team at the Tohoku University has developed an Artificial Intelligence method that uses news media images to accurately detect flooded buildings within 24 hours of a disaster.
creeping landslides

Understanding the complexity of creeping landslides initiation and beyond

Dr Andre Baldermann, Senior Scientist at TU Graz, explains how creeping landslides are initiated and presents a customised engineered solution to help prevent them.
The key to understanding landslides

The key to understanding landslides

Scientists at Graz University of Technology, Austria, have identified a series of chemical processes that could be the key to understanding landslides. According to the...
RSS-Hydro: the diverse scientific and commercial applications of drone technology

RSS-Hydro: the diverse scientific and commercial applications of drone technology

Drone technology is diverse and can be used across many different sectors. RSS-Hydro’s CEO, Dr Guy Schumann discusses the commercial and scientific applications of...
disaster response

The fusion of EO, AI, and drones for better global flood disaster response

Guy Schumann, CEO of RSS-Hydro, proposes innovative ML-based application software solutions to offer a better global flood disaster response.
sustainable development goals

Making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality

Dr Guy Schumann, CEO and Principal Scientist at RSS-Hydro Sarl-S, argues that more businesses need to include the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their...
Drone usage in flood science and beyond

Drone usage in flood science and beyond

Drone usage has increased greatly in many sectors over the last ten years. Dr Guy Schumann, CEO of RSS-Hydro, analyses the adoption of drone...

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