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flood risk

From flood exposure to flood vulnerability

RSS-Hydro emphasises the importance of considering flood vulnerability when devising flood prevention strategies. Floods are the most common natural hazard in the world. Globally, 1.47...
earth observation technology

Groundbreaking advances in Earth Observation technology

Margherita Bruscolini, Geospatial Scientist and Drone Pilot at RSS-Hydro, discusses advances in Earth observation technology and introduces WASDI – an interoperable platform facilitating a variety of applications, including disaster response tools.
Tsunami waves

A novel cosmic ray sensor can successfully observe tsunami waves

Researchers from the University of Tokyo use muon particle technology to observe and detect tsunami waves. Highly energetic particles called muons are ever present in...
human-driven climate change impacts

Catchment restoration can reduce human-driven climate change impacts

A new research study highlights that catchment restoration can reduce the impact of human-driven climate change in mountainous regions. New research, led by Dr Petra...
Global Navigation Satellite System

Utilising Global Navigation Satellite System to monitor volcanic activity

New study highlights the possibility to utilise a dense Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) at a cell phone base to monitor seismic activity. A paper...
flood risk management

Navigating a collaborative approach to flood risk management

David Johnson, of Purdue University, outlines the work of research groups in Louisiana seeking to improve flood risk estimation strategies. Claiming the lives of over...
Flood management River Niger

SEMOR: The innovative aid project enhancing flood management of the Niger River

Margherita Bruscolini, Geospatial Scientist at RSS-Hydro, outlines the organisation’s SEMOR aid project, designed to improve water resources management in the flood-prone Niger River. River and...

Avalanches are occurring at higher altitudes due to climate change

Research highlights that due to continual climate change effects, avalanches are occurring at higher altitudes due to less snow fall further downslope. Avalanches pose a...

Researchers discover a new type of earthquake

A Canadian and German led research team have discovered and documented a new type of earthquake in an injection environment in British Columbia, Canada. Unlike...
Mitigating water-related natural disasters with new technology

Mitigating water-related natural disasters with new technology

Dr Hamid Mehmood, Senior Researcher at the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health, spoke to Innovation News Network about the development of a...
Devastating consequences of failing to tackle climate change

Devastating consequences of failing to tackle climate change

A comprehensive scientific review highlights the necessity of global action to alleviate the destructive impacts of climate change.
Scientists warn of cascade of climate impacts caused by climate hazards

Scientists warn of cascade of climate impacts caused by climate hazards

A novel study, published ahead of COP26, reveals that climate hazards may cause cascading global impacts by 2030.

Answering the big questions about big subduction zone earthquakes

Professor Kevin P Furlong from the Geodynamics Research Group at Geosciences Penn State discusses subduction zone earthquakes. Earthquakes in subduction zones, where two tectonic plates...
droughts in Europe

Shocking study reveals extreme regional summer droughts in Europe could double

New research indicates that climate change could result in a staggering doubling of the frequency of extreme regional summer droughts in Europe.
flood mapping

FloodSENS: Taking a look at the flood mapping of the future

Ben Gaffinet, Applied Physicist at RSS-Hydro, explains how Machine Learning can help create valuable flood maps to support disaster response.
RSS Hydro: developing effective disaster risk management strategies

RSS Hydro: developing effective disaster risk management strategies

RSS Hydro Geoscientist & UAV Pilot, Margherita Bruscolini, discusses the necessity of understanding the components of disaster risk and how this will facilitate the...
European storms

European storms exacerbated by the effects of climate change

A team of climate experts has identified that European storms will be significantly intensified in the coming years due to climate change.
carbon accounting

Carbon accounting may be inaccurate due to impacts of floods

A global analysis has revealed that floods may be as influential on plants' carbon uptake as droughts, impacting carbon accounting methods.
viral infections

Scientists discover a schedule for Earth’s major geological events

A team of researchers has discovered that the Earth's geological activity follows a distinctive pattern, giving it a lifelike "pulse".
climate change effects

G7 announce novel action plan to combat climate change effects

The G7 2021 summit has initiated a new action plan to scale up safety for the most vulnerable communities against climate change effects.

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