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offshore ports

Keeping security afloat with offshore ports

Float Incorporated spoke about the developments of offshore ports and how they are an efficient means of transporting cargo.

Float Europe® can help Ireland achieve its renewable energy goals

Float Europe® proposes a concept that can assist Ireland’s renewable energy sources to respond to European 2030 renewable energy goals. Float Europe® (Float Marine Technologies...
Offshore floating platforms

Offshore floating platforms: providing industrial-scale aquaculture

The Pneumatically Stabilised Platform (PSP) system permits the design and construction of very large floating platforms of unlimited size. Today, aquaculture has its problems –...
marine technology

Marine technology and innovation from Float Europe

Float Europe (Float Marine Technologies Europe Limited) provides project development services including research, design, and development of marine technology products specialising in very large...
pneumatically stabilized platform

Pneumatically Stabilized Platform can help in unprotected waters

Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP) is a marine technology specifically designed as a very large floating platform located in unprotected ocean waters. Float Inc. has come...

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