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Vaccine hesitancy – when emotions trump reason

The University of Nebraska’s Professor Lawrence C Scharmann explores the issue of vaccine hesitancy and the role that education can play in tackling it.

The theory of evolution: establishing positive learning environments

Evolution expert Professor Lawrence C Scharmann believes pedagogical practices can ensure the development of positive learning environments.
Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with reliable data

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with reliable data

Professor Lawrence C Scharmann from the University of Nebraska talks about why scientists keep changing their minds about COVID-19 recommendations and the importance of reliable data.
Evolutionary theory

Evolutionary theory in applied problem-solving

Professor Lawrence C Scharmann explains how the Darwinian evolutionary theory and common ancestry can be used as problem solving tools.
Scientific theories

Scientific theories and the power of enquiry

Professor Lawrence C Scharmann, from the University of Nebraska, discusses the power of theory in scientific enquiry and how, through understanding the drivers behind...

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