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Scientists revolutionise recycling plastic with ‘supercritical water’

A research team from Birmingham University has licenced the rights to a ‘supercritical water’ technology to Stopford, to develop a novel process for recycling...
sustainable e-waste recycling

Utilising co-working spaces for sustainable e-waste recycling

A team of Swiss and Indian scientists are developing an environmentally responsible business model that aims to reduce pollution levels through sustainable e-waste recycling. In...

Machines developed that can separate 12 different types of plastic

Scientists have created technology to tell the difference between 12 different types of plastic and to separate them according to chemical composition. Different types of...
recycled factory heat

Recycled factory heat can benefit industries in sustainability movement

EU funded research is analysing recycled factory heat to create novel systems that recover waste heat and return it for reuse in industrial process...
E-waste recycling

E-waste recycling emits emerging synthetic antioxidants

Researchers at the American Chemical Society detect emerging synthetic antioxidants in dust from e-waste recycling workshops that could possibly pose a threat to its...
circular economy in the UK

New research hub to boost the circular economy in the UK

The University of Exeter’s research hub will spearhead efforts to create a sustainable, circular economy in the UK and boost sustainability.
automotive plastics

Audi and KIT collaborate to develop a recycling method for automotive plastics

KIT and Audi are launching a project for the recycling of automotive plastics which aims to increase a circular economy for plastics.

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