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Understanding the Earth’s ionosphere to improve communications

Solar flares jetting out from the Sun and thunderstorms on Earth influence the planet's ionosphere, impacting long range communications.
British spaceflight

British spaceflight will soon be possible for the first time

Groundbreaking new developments could lead to British spaceflight, with rockets and satellites potentially launching from UK soil as early as 2022.
beam-hopping satellite

UK companies unite to build innovative beam-hopping satellite

A consortium of UK space technology companies is developing a new beam-hopping satellite that will enable satellites to shift which part of the world they cover.
age of stars in our galaxy

Unprecedented insight into the precise age of the stars in our galaxy

Researchers have been successful in ascertaining the age of some of the oldest stars in our galaxy with extraordinary accuracy by merging data from the stars’ oscillations with information about their chemical composition.
New methods of distributing quantum encryption keys from space

New methods of distributing quantum encryption keys from space

A novel mission using quantum technology to encrypt messages from space is to be tested on a satellite as part of a new programme.
water quality

Using Artificial Intelligence to effectively monitor water quality

Researchers at the University of Stirling have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor water quality more effectively.
radar satellites

Using radar satellites to protect against bushfires and floods

Researchers at Curtin University have discovered that radar satellites can enhance the ability to protect against natural disasters.
far side of the moon

Exploring the far side of the Moon and beyond with NESS

Dr Jack Burns, of the Network for Exploration and Space Science, discusses missions to the far side of the moon and beyond.
Mars ingenuity helicopter

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter succeeds in historical first flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has become the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet.
fast radio bursts

Mysterious fast radio bursts found at lower-frequency than ever before

A new investigation has discovered radio waves transmitted at lower frequencies than ever detected before in mysterious fast radio bursts.
light pollution

Satellites contribute light pollution to night skies

New research results indicate that artificial objects in orbit around Earth contribute more to light pollution than was previously thought.

Astronomers observe magnetic fields at edge of the M87 galaxy black hole

The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration has measured polarisation, an indicator of magnetic fields, at the Messier 87 galaxy black hole.
Using software technologies to enable spacecraft trajectory optimisation

Using software technologies to enable spacecraft trajectory optimisation

Dr Ryne Beeson, Senior Scientist at CU Aerospace, shares new and enabling capabilities optimising the design of spacecraft trajectories to achieve mission objectives. The advent...
disaster response

The fusion of EO, AI, and drones for better global flood disaster response

Guy Schumann, CEO of RSS-Hydro, proposes innovative ML-based application software solutions to offer a better global flood disaster response.
experimental nanosatellite

SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket will launch an experimental nanosatellite into orbit

Today, the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. The rocket will contain an experimental nanosatellite.
gravitational waves

Observing gravitational waves from space

International Editor Clifford Holt spoke to Dr Oliver Jennrich, the Project Scientist for ESA’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission, which will be the first gravitational wave observatory based in space
economic importance of space

The economic importance of space

Dr Pete Worden, Breakthrough Starshot Executive Director, discusses his vision for interstellar travel, utilising space based resources and the future economic importance of space
Earth-science observation satellites

Vega VV17 mission to deploy Earth-science observation satellites failed due to incorrect routing

Arianespace announced the loss of the Vega VV17 mission, which was carrying two Earth-science observation satellites.
global sea surface height

NASA has published its first data set from the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich mission to...

NASA has announced the first results of the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, a satellite built to measure global sea surface height.
laser-based satellite

UK Space Agency to develop the first commercially available laser-based satellite

Researchers have been awarded more than £360,000 to develop the first commercially available laser-based satellite communication system.

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