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Materials science in microgravity: Unlocking new frontiers in innovation

Rob Adlard, Founder & CEO of Gravitilab, outlines the importance of materials science research in microgravity. 

Exciting news as the JUICE mission is now ready for launch

The JUICE mission, which aims to explore the planet Jupiter and its three largest moons, is now ready to leave Earth.

Fermi-LAT’s latest gamma-ray observations deepen the cosmic-ray mystery

The latest constraints provided by the Fermi Large Area Telescope have changed our understanding on the origin of cosmic rays.

Upcoming Mars Analog Mission will use and improve the field of robotics

The upcoming Mars Analog Mission will advance the development of space exploration through international collaboration and research.

JUICE mission: Exploring Jupiter and its icy moons

The JUICE mission will make detailed observations of the giant gas planet and its three large ocean-bearing moons.

Artificial Intelligence finds that first stars were formed in groups

Artificial Intelligence has found that the very first stars in the Universe were born in clusters rather than as isolated stars.

Venus analogues used to gain insights into Earth’s future

Researchers have compiled a list of Venus analogues to gain valuable insights into Earth’s risk of developing a runaway greenhouse climate.

Relativistic jets found to impact star formation

Researchers have discovered that the Teacup galaxy is the ideal case to study the effects of relativistic jets on star formation.

Potential to locate life on Mars with Artificial Intelligence

Researchers have found that AI can help identify hidden patterns within geographical data that could indicate life on Mars.

Carbon levels around galaxies shed light on the history of the Universe

Astrophysicists have revealed what the Universe was like 13 billion years ago after measuring carbon levels surrounding ancient galaxies.

Star formation determined by Artificial Intelligence 

Areas of star formation in the Milky Way have been successfully identified by researchers through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

UK Space Agency announces funding for future Moon exploration

The UK Space Agency has announced today that it will provide over £50m to UK companies to aid further Moon exploration projects.

A new discovery has shed light on early black hole formation

A rapidly growing black hole has been discovered in one of the most extreme galaxies known in the very early Universe. 

Challenging our current understanding of planet formation

Astronomers have discovered an unusual planetary system, in which a large gas giant planet orbits a small red dwarf star called TOI-5205.

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Special Reports

All the latest updates on American Lithium Minerals’ lithium projects

Discover the latest updates on American Lithium Minerals' lithium projects located across Nevada in the US.

Can studying bone microstructure solve the fossilisation mystery?

Discover how fossil bone microstructure research can help uncover a deeper understanding of human bone biology.

The critical role of helium in the automotive industry

Find out how Pulsar is using its helium assets to contribute to the important green energy transition through electric vehicle manufacturing.

A new light in the dark: Prospects and status of the Light Dark Matter eXperiment

Within the next ten years, LDMX - the Light Dark Matter eXperiment - will open new possibilities to explore the dark side of our Universe.

Partner News

15 steps to successfully lobbying government for your cause

American Diversified Enterprises outlines the 15 essential steps to lobbying government for your cause and 12 that must be avoided.

Sustainability, innovation, and the bioeconomy: How to lobby for favourable government policies

Discover how lobbying is essential to influencing government policies concerning sustainability and the bioeconomy.

Lithium Power International comments on Chilean Constitution vote

Lithium Power International Limited (LPI) provides an update on the recent Chilean Constitution reform vote.

Lithium Power International: Quarterly overview 2023

Lithium Power International comments on activities in the lithium industry during the first quarterly period of 2023.

Special Reports Cont'd

How should the challenges facing the energy sector be dealt with?

David Wilson, Director of Development at MGH Offshore, outlines the challenges facing the energy sector and highlights how the company is working to overcome them.

Enhancing and strengthening the excellence in interdisciplinary biomedical research at TRANSCEND (ESEI-BioMed)

The ESEI-BioMed project advances tumour diagnostics and nanomedicine in the frame of the new translational research centre, TRANSCEND. TRANSCEND is a translational research centre in...

IceCube: Paving the way for next-generation neutrino discovery

The IceCube Observatory could unlock the mysteries of the Universe through its advanced neutrino discoveries. Neutrinos are tiny, nearly massless particles that rarely interact with...

The Standard Model: How can we identify its strengths and weaknesses?

Theoretical particle physicists are providing exact predictions to compare LHC measurements to reveal the strengths and shortcomings of the Standard Model. Discoveries behind the decimal...

Partner News Cont'd

Lithium Power responds to Chile’s National Lithium Policy

Discover how Chile’s new National Lithium Policy will help to build legal certainty and take advantage of a historic opportunity.

How Chile’s eagerly anticipated national lithium policy will benefit the Maricunga project

Lithium Power International Limited has provided exciting updates from the company’s flagship Maricunga lithium brine project.

Revolutionary zero emission vehicle concept unveiled by First Hydrogen

First Hydrogen Corp. has revealed exciting new concept images for the company’s groundbreaking zero emission vehicle.

Queensland Pacific Metals announces Moranbah Project acquisition

Queensland Pacific Metals has sensationally revealed it has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire 100% of the Moranbah Project.