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UK Space Centre

As part of a £250m package, the government will invest in a UK Space...

The government has committed to investing millions of pounds to develop a UK Space Centre of Excellence in Ayrshire, Scotland.
space hub

The UK Space Agency awards a grant to AstroAgency for the development of a...

The UK Space Agency has awarded a grant to enable a firm to establish a space hub on behalf of the Scottish Space Leadership Council.

Sentinel-6: sea-level observation and international co-operation

Ahead of the launch of the Sentinel-6, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA discuss the satellite and future cooperation between the agencies.
evolution of exoplanets

ESA adopts the Ariel mission to study the evolution of exoplanets

The first mission dedicated to study the nature, formation, and evolution of exoplanets, named Ariel, has been adopted by the European Space Agency (ESA). More...
Mars Sample Return

NASA prepared for Mars Sample Return campaign

NASA has released an independent review report, indicating the agency is now ready to undertake its Mars Sample Return (MSR) campaign to bring pristine samples of rock and regolith from Mars to Earth for scientific study.
locations of fast radio bursts

New Outrigger telescope will allow researchers to pinpoint  locations of fast radio bursts

A new telescope at the Green Bank Observatory will allow researchers at West Virginia University, USA, to pinpoint the locations of fast radio bursts.
orbital flashes

Astronomers detect orbital flashes 1,000 times an hour

Research led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggests that orbital flashes, caused by excess space debris, occur 1,000 times an hour.
cellular network on the Moon

Nokia has been awarded $14.1m to build a cellular network on the Moon

Nokia of America has been awarded $14.1m from NASA for the development of the first-ever cellular network on the Moon. The LTE/4G cellular network on...
Asteroid sample

NASA has collected an asteroid sample to be studied on Earth

NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission has successfully collected a large asteroid sample. The process of stowing the asteroid sample...
sustainable space technologies

New project to apply sustainable space technologies on Earth

International Space Station National Laboratory has collaborated with the World Design Organisation and experts from the University of Greenwich, UK, to apply sustainable space...

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