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clinical evidence

Clinical evidence essential in medical innovation

Professor Rob G.H.H. Nelissen, Chairman of the Orthopaedics Department at Leiden University Medical Center, explains why clinical evidence is both an asset for patients and an ally for surgeons.
Li-ion batteries

Identification of O2 formation: enabling O-redox technology in Li-ion batteries

Dr Robert House from the University of Oxford discusses how the identification of O2 formation and its role in voltage hysteresis will inform and direct future material design efforts towards enabling O-redox technology in the next generation of Li-ion batteries
ERC 2020 competition

ERC 2020: the challenge of remotely navigating mobile robots

Agnieszka Mrozowska discusses the highlights of the ERC 2020 competition, which involved Innovation News Network as a media partner, holding it up as an example of how the space sector can adapt to the new reality
INTEGRAL gamma-ray

INTEGRAL: unravelling the mysteries of the X- and gamma-ray sky

Dr Erik Kuulkers discusses some of the current and future INTEGRAL mission's activities, including studying flashes of powerful radiation that suddenly appear in the gamma-ray sky
Heavy ion physics

Heavy ion physics and its applications

Dr Ivan Kisel uses the analogy of throwing pebbles into a pond and observing their ripples to explain how heavy ion physics is approached.
climate change and food security

Plant sciences to tackle the challenges of climate change and food security

Professor Kazuo Watanabe explains how the centre is working to tackle the challenges of climate change and food security.
Evolutionary theory

Evolutionary theory in applied problem-solving

Professor Lawrence C Scharmann explains how the Darwinian evolutionary theory and common ancestry can be used as problem solving tools.

Osteoclasts and their role in musculoskeletal disease

Dr Salber of Hospital of the RUHR-University Bochum discussess how osteoclasts have a role as cells responsible for the resorption of bone.

Transforming agriculture through synthetic photorespiration

The FutureAgriculture Project explains how a new approach to synthetic photorespiration could help boost agricultural productivity.
urban mobility

Improving urban mobility with big data analysis

Creating a more liveable environment is a priority for many cities worldwide. In terms of urban mobility, this presents numerous challenges.
Scaffold-guided breast reconstruction

Scaffold-guided breast reconstruction

Professor Dietmar W Hutmacher, Director of the ARC Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing at the Queensland University of Technology, discusses how scaffold-guided tissue engineering can...
gravitational waves

Observing gravitational waves from space

International Editor Clifford Holt spoke to Dr Oliver Jennrich, the Project Scientist for ESA’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission, which will be the first gravitational wave observatory based in space
economic importance of space

The economic importance of space

Dr Pete Worden, Breakthrough Starshot Executive Director, discusses his vision for interstellar travel, utilising space based resources and the future economic importance of space
Regenerative medicine COVID-19

Regenerative medicine in the era of COVID-19

Mike Lehmicke, Director of Science and Industry Affairs at the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, discusses the alliance’s key focus areas, as well as topics such as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
World Congress on Public Health

World Congress on Public Health 2020: striving for solidarity in health

The WFPHA’s Walter Ricciardi, and EUPHA’s Iveta Nagyova and Dineke Zeegers Paget discuss the major achievements of the recent virtual World Congress on Public Health 2020
performance of timber

Using technology to improve the performance of timber

Gordon Ewbank discusses the benefits of building with timber and how technology is being used to improve the material’s performance.
construction industry innovation

Innovation in the construction industry

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre is driving transformational change across the construction industry
sustainable energy transition

The role of innovation in achieving the sustainable energy transition

Elena Bou, Innovation Director at EIT InnoEnergy, discusses the role of innovation in achieving the sustainable energy transition.
water-smart society

Water Europe on achieving a water-smart society

Durk Krol of Water Europe discusses the barriers to achieving a water-smart society and how Water Europe is developing the solutions.
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Shining a light on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

SIOP Europe speaks about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, urging Europe to recognise that paediatric cancer remains an urgent health issue.

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